This unusual word came to us from the English language. Patchwork is a common patchwork. Today, designers have adopted it for decoration and for furniture upholstery. It is a synonym for comfort and coziness. The basis of this style is the combination is not compatible. Different textures, materials, colors and ornaments are combined. Patchwork suggests a fine line between originality and grace. If you overdo it with color, it will turn out to be a normal bad taste.


Patchwork in the interior

This style is most often used by designers in combination with other styles, as an emphasis on certain pieces of furniture or zones (country or country style).

Many people mistakenly believe that patchwork is possible only in the use of patchwork mosaics in the decoration. However, designers have the opposite opinion. They use the uniqueness of this style for flooring and even when decorating walls.



If the wallpaper patches on the walls are tastefully selected, then your room will look quite original.If in this style to revet the walls in the bathroom or in the kitchen (for example, multi-colored tiles), then these rooms will find a new, individual look.

Imagine how your kitchen (apron) will play in the work area if you tack it with multi-colored tiles. Then you should think about curtains, oven mitts in the same style. You can even make a shade of patches. Your kitchen will become original and "homey."

The kitchen is a place where we stay for a fairly long time. The eyes will see something simple and cozy. Walls can be pasted with wallpaper from different patches. It is important that all this is carefully chosen: both colors and patterns.


Patchwork in the interior


The patchwork will look original and when selecting the flooring. Take, for example, multi-colored tiles. You can combine it, as your imagination allows. The carpet made of shreds will look original on the floor.


In European countries, many use a patchwork in the interior, even when selecting furniture. Old furniture is restored under it, acquiring a new and stylish look.

Some furniture designers use this style, combining modern fabrics and vintage patterns and ornaments. If you conjure a little, then an ordinary sofa or bed can turn into a sort of artwork.


Patchwork in the interior of the photo


Today you can already see sofas, chairs and chairs, made in this style. The interior is widely used patchwork bedspreads, cushions and curtains. A carpet made of shreds of fabric looks original on the floor.



For a patchwork interior to be felt, take some soothing colors by adding some bright accents to it. It will look elegant.

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