Paper Orchids

Paper orchid flowerfrom coffee filters.

Materials and tools:

  1. white coffee filters (4-5 to make 5 colors);
  2. watercolors and brushes;
  3. glass beads (bronze);
  4. craft glue;
  5. scissors.

Step 1

Take a sheet of thick paper, draw on it petals that correspond to the petals of a real orchid, and cut out - this will be a stencil. Then using a stencil, we cut the required number of petals from the coffee filter. Paint the petals with a brush and watercolors.

Step 2

Now glue the petals together with glue, as shown in the picture. After the glue dries, curl the petals and give them a shape to make them look like living ones. To make the flowers sparkle, add glass beads to the center of the bud.

Paper Orchidis ready.

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