Paper Heart Application

Crafts for kids is one of the best ways to spend your free time with great developmental benefits. They are happy to make them for any holiday or solemn event;

even crafts for Valentine’s Day kids are preparing with great joy and interest.

 Application of paper heart

Application of paper heart

The easiest way to make for the Valentine's Day paper crafts. A good example of such a craft is a paper “Heart” application, which is usually used for scrapbooking. It differs in more dense texture and saturation of shades of color. You can also take ordinary colored paper, the main thing is that it should be two-sided and not white on the folds.

We take as a basis delicate pastel colors - powdered pink, green and crimson. In addition to paper, we prepare stationery glue, sharp scissors and a simple pencil in advance.

 Materials forapplications

Materials for applications

We use the pencil to twist the crimson sheet into a rather dense tube. We firmly fix the edge of this tube with glue and wait , until it dries.

Then we arm ourselves with scissors and cut the tubing into identical, not very thick, rings. It is advisable to use sharp scissors with large jaws, then the tubing will not wrinkle when cut. by placing a plank or a thick sheet of cardboard.

 We cut the straw into ringlets

Cut the tubule into rings

Cut a big heart out of a pink leaf and stick it on a green leaf. The heart should occupy most of its surface. The basis of the future postcard is obtained. On the heart we stick crimson rings, placing them vertically.

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