A simple amplifier on the TDA2822

A simple amplifier on the TDA2822 Hi friends. Today I will explain how to make a small power amplifier on a tda2822m chip. Here is the circuit I found in the datasheet of the chip. We will make a stereo amplifier, that is, there.

Candy Cake

Candy Cake The cake has always been the main attribute of any holiday, whether it's a wedding, the birthday of a child or a person of advanced age, a birthday or a tea party. Without cake and fun is not fun, and the feast.


Snowman To make Santa Claus relieve his New Year's efforts, I propose to make him a cheerful snowman's assistant! After all, they together will be much more fun to deliver greetings and deliver gifts. We'll make a snowman in the felting technique. For the.


Bezel Each girl is characterized by changes in image. After changing the hair color, you will have to pick up a bunch of accessories for the hair style again, as not all previous ones will work. However, you can add a new note in.

Amazing Alexandrian kulich - guests will beg for this recipe

Amazing Alexandrian kulich - guests will beg for this recipe This year, Orthodox Easter fell on April 8, which means that it is time to prepare and stock up amazing recipes for Easter cakes! Alexandria dough is special - it turns out amazingly tender.

Amplifier - column from marker

Amplifier - marker column External speakers, USB speakers and speakerphones and headsets are now conquering the market for electronic devices. An inexperienced consumer may find it difficult to understand all these new products. Sometimes it turns out that most of them are unclaimed, because.

Condensed milk mastic - Milk mastic

Condensed milk mastic - Milk mastic Condensed milk mastic (Milk mastic)is a recipe. Ingredients: condensed milk 150g. one cup icing sugar; lemon juice 1 tsp; powdered milk or powdered cream of 1-1.5 cups (sometimes more is needed, control the flow yourself, you will feel.

Simple CD case

Simple CD Case A simple CD casedesigned for convenient and compact CD storage, easy and quick to assemble. With the help of the case, the disks can be classified and stored in one case, disks of a specific subject. Materials and tools: thin blade.

Luxurious Eye Mask

Luxurious Eye Mask A luxurious eye maskis a beautiful and wonderful mask with handmade embroidery. Materials and tools: floss thread according to the key; white fabric 23x34cm; patterned lining fabric 12x23cm; batting 12x23cm; pink ribbon "zig-zag" 56cm; pale blue ribbon 1m. Scheme Step 1.

We clean water from harmful impurities

We clean water from harmful impurities Hard water in the crane - the problem of almost all residents of large cities and small settlements. It can damage machinery, cause plaque formation and calcareous deposits inside pipes. Getting rid of these problems is not easy.

Postcard Making

Postcard Making A postcard made with your own hands as a gift for some holiday does not compare with the one you bought. She will convey all the warmth of relationships and feelings. This is especially true in anticipation of Valentine's Day. Materials for.

Heart-shaped box

Heart Shaped Box If you often use scotch, then pay attention to the paper reel, which is inside. Usually, when the tape ends, the piece of paper is sent to the trash. But real needlewomen never throw anything away and skillfully turn unnecessary things.

Unusual portrait

Unusual portrait. In order to make this funny crafts you need quite a bit of time and a modicum of imagination. This homemade product will be interesting to do with children. Just pick up paper, glue and start creating. You will need to work.

Making a crossbow

Making a crossbow Our crossbow consists of a guide, shoulders and a bowstring. In crossbow bends shoulders. In our case, the string will stretch and transmit the force to the arrow. Start making the best with the guide. It is made of a wooden.

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma Shawarma with chicken- a recipe for shawarma. Ingredients: 300 g of chicken fillet 2 small tomatoes 1 cucumber; 5 tablespoons of ketchup; mayonnaise 2 cloves of garlic; 200 grams of white cabbage; 4 tablespoons of kefir; 1 small onion; Armenian lavash 1.

10 Tricks to extend battery life

10 Tricks to extend battery life Nothing so annoying as the low charge of the phone in the middle of the working day. Regardless of the device used, each of us experienced similar difficulties. TheAdme.ruteam has collected for you10 tricksthat will help increase battery.

Herringbone made of felt. Christmas tree toy

Herringbone made of felt. Christmas tree toy Felt Christmas treewith your own hands. We make a fur-tree toy from felt, the master class is simple and does not take much time, but the process will make you feel the approach of the New Year.

Books that are important for every woman to read

Books that are important for every woman to read. It is necessary to remain well, very agile, hyper-attentive and Western-oriented person, in order to set directions for thousands of other people. In another way, alas, it no longer works. Fortunately, there are still such.

Patchwork in the interior

This unusual word came to us from the English language. Patchwork is a common patchwork. Today, designers have adopted it for decoration and for furniture upholstery. It is a synonym for comfort and coziness. The basis of this style is the combination is not.

Apartments for rent in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Apartment for rent in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic An interesting historical past, a huge number of attractions and an excellent service at affordable prices - that's what attracts so much in our small Czech town of Hradec Králové that our compatriots and tourists from.

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