Original and spiritual bookmark for a book

Everyone who likes to read books loves unusual and beautiful bookmarks. When you are able to knit, create a beautiful and original bookmark in a book - the task is simple and pleasant. Today I will show you how to quickly create a beautiful bookmark — a flower made from a small amount of threads. To create this flower, even small hanks that you have left from previous products will be enough, often such hanks accumulate and there is almost no use for them. So this master class will allow you to solve two tasks at once - it will save you from accumulated hanks and allow you to make an unusual bookmark for your favorite book. What you may need to work:
  • The yarn of two colors is green for the stem of the flower and any color you like for the petals, I have a white color.
  • Scissors.
  • Crochet hook
 materials for work
Start knitting like youmore convenient, for this flower is ideal, like a loop Amigurumi of six columns without a crochet, and a chain of six air loops, connected in a circle. The second row binds the six lower columns, tying two in each lower column, and form twelve new ones. The third row should consist of eighteen columns with a crochet, that is, we knit one column and the next two we sew in one column of the bottom row and so on to the end. The fourth row will be of twenty-four columns, two posts per lower knit after two. You should have a circle like this.
 Start knitting
Begin to untie the petals. In the three lower columns knit five double crochet. They are shown under the hook, I start there to knit a new petal, two double leaves are ready.
 We begin to knit the petals
We expand the knitting and we knit six on these five columns new double crochets. Again, unfold the binding and tie up the posts. The first three bars are knitted without a crochet, the fourth is done with a half-noodle and the last two with a crochet.It turns out such a pointed semi-petal.
 Unfolding the binding
We tie the last column to the side with ordinary columns without a nakida, reach the first row of the petal and begin to knit the second part of the petal. We also knit the remaining double leaves.
 We bind the last column
flower with four petals
In the hole that formed at the beginning of the binding, we thread the green thread.
 going through the green thread
Knitting a green ball, linking it with a flower and starting to knit a chain of air loops on the other side of the flower.  We knit a green ball
We send about twenty air loops and start forming leaves. We knit a few air loops and tie them with columns without a crochet and stitches with a crochet in the middle to make the shape of the leaf.So we knit two leaves or one, as you like, and make further a chain of air loops to the required size of the bookmark. The end of the thread is hidden in the air loops.
 bookmark for the book
It turned out such an original, gentle and beautiful bookmark for the book. You can use it for a very long time. Unlike paper bookmarks, the flower can be washed, so it will please you for a long time.
 bookmark for the book

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