Organizer bag for needlewoman

To make an organizer bag, you will need: - 2 types of fabric (the main one with a bright floral pattern) and finishing (bright red color), the fibrous composition can be any fabric, is a synthetic winterizer (density not more than 150 g / sq. m), - threads, - zipper length 35 cm, - zipper length 18 cm, small piece of a thick transparent film red red tape cm, length 50 cm), - white lace of two types (in the form of a band and in the form of flowers), - pieces of yellow and brightly pink felt flowers, - adhesive tape, - scissors, - chalk or soap for cutting,- sewing machine, - iron. The process of manufacturing an organizer bag consists of 3 main steps: 1. Preparation of a lining. 2. Billet top. 3. Installation of the product. Lining the blank. For a bag of 30 * 30 cm and a thickness of 15 cm, cut a lining of 77 * 47 cm. From all angles, the width of the lining should be cut by 3 cm, starting from the end cut and outputting " on no ”after 30 cm. On the lining of the bag it is necessary to process numerous and diverse pockets that meet the requirements of the customer.For example, if the needlewoman is fond of knitting, it is advisable to make pockets for hooks and knitting needles, for different trifles (loop counter, measuring tape, pins). Some pockets can be fastened with buttons, others - with adhesive tape or a buttoned loop - it all depends on what is stored in them. If desired, some pockets can be decorated with decorative braid in the form of flowers, - the product should look aesthetically both outside and inside. In addition to fabric pockets, pockets of thick transparent plastic can also be made. Its source can be, for example, packaging from under any trifles for needlework. The main thing to remember is that the more diverse the pockets are, and the more bags they have in the bag, the more convenient the needlewoman will use it, and the process of needlework, organized as best as possible, will bring her sincere joy and pleasure.
Organizer bag for a needlewoman
 Bag Organizer for Needlewoman
Organizer bag for a needlewoman
The prepared pad must be sewed on the sides and then stitched corners so that the bottom of the bag is 15 cm wide.
 Organizer bag for a needlewoman
Upper blank. The top of the bag will consist of 3 parts, - the main part and 2 finishing strips. The latter are cut out of the finishing fabric, their width in the cut is 12 cm. The size of the base of the bag must be equal in size to the lining. The prepared bag base should be adjusted to a sintepon. It must first be ironed on both sides through cotton fabric at the maximum iron temperature. Heat treatment will contribute to the compression, compaction of the padding polyester. It will become more rigid and elastic, will lose softness and airiness. But this is exactly what is needed - inserted into the bag, this material will give it dimensional stability. Next, cut out the handles of the bag, as well as a folding zipper pocket. The handle of the bag in the cut will be a rectangle with dimensions of 8 * 108 cm (2 pcs.),the detail of the pocket is a rectangle 17 * 20 cm (2 pcs.). - The details of the handles should be folded along the face inside and stitched 1 cm from the slices, unscrewed and pressed. Prepared handles need to be sewn with end sections between each other. The details of the zippered pocket should be cut out with corners rounded on one side. They should be folded facing each other, putting a zipper along two longitudinal and one transverse sections and stitching with a 7 mm wide seam. Then the detail of the pocket must be turned out, ironed out, along the edge, a finishing line should be laid. After all the parts have been prepared, you need to process the inside pockets in your zipper pocket. They can be made of fabric, as well as a thick film, so that their contents can be seen. Here you can also sew a needle-shaped needle made of felt, make several loops of tape for hanging small things. Then you need to process the zipper pocket along with the straps of the bag.
Bag Organizer for the needlewoman
Organizer bag for the needlewoman
The top of the bag must be sewn along the sides and stitched in the corners in the same way as the pad.
 Organizer bag for needlewomen
Installation of the product.Installation of the product consists in connecting the lining of the bag with its top. To do this, the lining should be put in the upper part face to face and sew in the upper cut. In one place it is necessary to leave the area for turning out - it is not necessary to stitch it up After that, the bag must be turned out, sew up the hole. Then a finishing line should be laid along the top of the bag. If desired, the edges of the bag can be ironed. The iron temperature should be low so as not to spoil the film and plastic pockets in the bag.
 Organizer bag for a needlewoman
Bag Organizer for the needlewoman
Bag organizer for needlewomen
Organizer bag for a needlewoman The product is ready. You can fill it with tools and get to work.

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