Office mini herringbone

It is customary to decorate everything for the New Year. Showcases of shops, buildings, lobby offices. Often, corporate New Year's décor is stylish and sophisticated. If you want to decorate your workplace with your own Christmas tree, you can make it from what is found in almost every office.
 Mini herringbone for office
Mini herringbone almost does not take place . In size it does not exceed the glass for pencils. It will fit next to the keyboard, creating a special mood in your work corner. Materials: • plastic cup; • hard wire - 18 cm; • scotch: • foam;
• gift ribbon - 50 cm; • green rain - 30 cm; • scissors.
 Mini Christmas Tree for the Office
Sequence of making a mini Christmas tree : 1.When using scissors, cut the cup along in half. We will not need the upper part, so it can be cut for ease of operation.
 Mini herringbone for office
2. From the foam, we need a slice of walnut.
 Mini Christmas Tree for the Office
3.We tap it to the bottom a cup of scotch tape. If your office has enough reliable glue, you can use it.
 Mini herringbone for office
4.We wind the rain on the wire. On the one hand we hide the tip completely, on the other - leave for two centimeter open.
Mini office herringbone
5. We twist the wire in the form of an expanding spiral. At the same time, the closed tip should be near the narrow part.
Mini herringbone for office
6. Open the edge of the wire stick in the foam.
 Mini Christmas Tree for the Office
7 We form the shape of a Christmas tree.
 Mini Christmas tree for office
8. From the gift ribbon we tie small bows with which we decorate the Christmas tree.
 Mini herringbone for office
Mini herringbone for the office is ready! If you make ita little more, decorate with plastic bright toys, it will perfectly decorate the waiting room, waiting room or rest room. And to make such a Christmas tree stable, take a regular pot as a base.

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