Norwegian patterned mittens

We knit very beautifulMittens with a Norwegian pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 100m / 50gr) in 50g of red and white colors;
  2. Socks spokes number 3.5 and number 4.

Pattern Description

Eraser 2x2: alternately knit 2 persons. n and 2 int. p.

Eraser 1x1: alternately knit 1 person. n. and 1 out. p.

The front surface: with circular knitting only persons. loops.

Density of knitting: 22 p. smooth with the pattern on the needles number 4 = 10 cm.

Knitting description

Right mitt

On the knitting needles No. 3.5, we pick 36 loops with a red thread, distribute the loops evenly over 4 spokes. We knit round a 10 cm rubber band 1x1. After that, we knit 1 row of persons. red thread, evenly adding 2 loops on the 1st spoke, 1 loop on the 2nd spoke, 2 loops on the 3rd spoke, and 1 loop = 42 loops on the 4th spoke. We change the needles to number 4 and begin to knit persons. stitch, tying pattern according to the scheme from the 1st row, knit the 1-10th rows. In the 11th row we make a hole for the thumb as follows: we knit the loops of the 1st and 2nd spokes according to the pattern, then knit the first 2 loops on the 3rd spoke.

The next 9 loops we sew by a thread of contrasting color, we transfer these loops back to the right knitting needle and continue to knit in a circle of 12-33rd series. From the 34th row we begin to knit the toe of the mitten, performing a subtraction, as shown in the diagram = 10 loops. We trim the thread, tighten the remaining loops with the end of the thread.

To remove the thumb, remove the color of the contrasting color, transfer the loops of the cut to the spokes + type in addition on the sides 2 loops = 22 loops. Evenly distribute the loop on 3 needles and knit around the faces. stitch alternately 1 loop with white thread and 1 loop with red thread, shifting the pattern by 1 loop in each row. At a height of 6 cm (or reaching the middle of the nail) we begin to knit 2 loops together at the end of each knitting needle. We carry out such reductions in each row until 8 loops remain on the spokes.

Cut the thread, tighten the remaining loops with the end of the thread.

Left Mitten

We knit symmetrically.

Lightly steam off the ready-made mittens.

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