New Year's fabric sheep

New Year's Sheep from fabrics
The upcoming 2015 year was divided between two symbolic animals - the Goat and the Lamb. And therefore it would be perfectly appropriate to give friends and relatives pictures of these animals in any form: in paintings, postcards, knitted and stitched. Today we will sew a New Year's sheep, which will take its place of honor on a shelf or chest of drawers and will surely bring success and happiness to the house, a stable income and harmony in the family, as the Eastern belief says. For work, we need two types of fabric: one-color pink flannel for the muzzle and ears and multi-colored cotton fabric for the body and wool on the head, decoration on the neck (you can hang a bell or a flower), ribbon for the tail, thread, scissors, needle and filler for stuffing (synthetic winterizer). And, of course, the pattern downloaded from the Internet. You can sew on a typewriter, or you can manually, as you are used to.
 New Yearlamb from the fabric
We will decompose the fabric, fold it in half, and sketch all the details, we have everything in one copy, except the ears.
New Year lamb from the fabric
We will sew the details along the line of the pattern, leaving a small section not sewn for subsequent packing, cut out with the allowance for the seams of 7-8 mm. edges, so that the material does not "go" thread on the edges.  New Year's lamb made of cloth
New Year's sheep fabric
 New Year's Lamb made of cloth
Fill the details with padding polyester and gently, with a secret seam, sew up the holes for the stuffing. H Christmas sheep from the fabric
 New Year's lamb made of cloth
 New Year's Sheep of Fabric
We begin to sew all the details together. Finish stitching parts.The sheep is almost ready, it remains to sew a tail and decorate it.
 New Year's Lamb made of cloth
New Year's Sheep of Fabric
Well, now our New Year's sheep looks as it should, and will be happy to attract good and joy to its owners' house!
New Year's Ov cloth from the fabric

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