Neon in the interior: an unusual accessory for room decor

Neon signs have long ceased to be exclusively outdoor advertising. Today they are often found in the interior design. They can be hung above the bed or table, and they will serve as an excellent night lamp. Some masters make such magnificent works that they can be considered true works of art. Choose your favorite phrase or make a message for your loved ones, and perpetuate the words in neon. A beautiful sign may contain a wish or a declaration that you have not yet decided on. For making, select a sheet of plywood of the desired size and color you like. You can make a decor of any size, from the smallest, to the composition of the entire wall.

For the manufacture of signs you will need:

  • neon lamps and batteries for them;
  • plywood 5 mm thick;
  • adhesive tape;
  • acrylic paint in a balloon (in this case, copper-colored);
  • Super glue;
  • picture holder.

Step 1: Paint the plywood in the color you want.You can leave it unpainted if you want to leave the tree structure. In this case, the sign was painted with acrylic paint from a spray in a golden-copper color.

Step 2: After the paint is completely dry, you can add an inscription. To do this, select the desired font and print the desired phrase. Cut each letter separately. Letters can be placed in the same way as they are typed, or move a little relative to each other.

Step 3: Secure the letters on the board with adhesive tape. They must be still.

Step 4: Drill a hole in the board. Its diameter must be large enough for the neon ribbon to pass through. Each letter will be formed from a ribbon, despite the fact that its ends will go for plywood. Make the required number of holes at the beginning and end of each letter.

Step 5: Now you need to stretch the wire through the hole and lay out the desired letter. The edge of the tape extends into the hole in the bottom of the plywood.

Step 6: On the back of the plywood, secure the battery with tape. Connect the tape to the power supply.

Step 7: Now, with the help of superglue, fix the neon wire on the board in the shape of the desired letters.You can click on the paper with a pencil before removing it so that the silhouette of the inscription is imprinted on the plywood.

Superglue dries very quickly, so drip a small drop and immediately attach the wire to the board.

Once the first letter is ready, take the edges of the wire and pull it into the second hole. Pull the wire so that from the front side the wire lies tight enough against the plywood. Remove all unnecessary to the back of the signboard. Repeat the procedure for each letter. For some, you have to make several entry and exit points, for example, for the letter "t" you had to make four.

Step 8: After your inscription is ready, secure the rest of the tape on the back side with adhesive tape.

Step 9: If you want to hang your sign on the wall, add special mounts for paintings or photographs to it. If the batteries are very thick, then on the upper part of the sign you need to glue a wooden bar of the desired thickness with carpenter's glue.

Now it remains to choose the right place to place your sign. It can be hung on the wall or simply lean against it. You can additionally choose a frame for the signboard or decorate it in any other way.

Such a sign looks great even during the day, and in the dark it is really impressive. White neon ribbon was used in this project, but you can choose a color one and it will look even more interesting.

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