Mosaic "Broken Heart"

Mosaic picture from the eggshell
This master class on the unusual use of an egg-shell as a mosaic. Everyone can find material for this type of creativity, and by giving a second life to the shell and connecting your imagination, you can create spectacular and unusual things. In this master class we will create a light and simple mosaic “Broken Heart” so let's get started. We will need: - eggshell; - colors of orange, red, yellow, green, blue and violet colors;- PVA glue, - a sheet of white cardboard; - primer and craquelure varnish - this is possible. 1. Wash the eggshell, clean the inner film and put it in 5% soda solution for 5 minutes.
 Wash the eggshell
2. When the eggshell is thoroughly dry, cover the first shell with green paint, the second with violet, the third with red, the fourth with yellow, the fifth with blue and the sixth with orange.
3.Cut a rectangle of cardboard 10 * 15 cm (size can be arbitrary), primed with white paint.
 Mosaic picture from an eggshell

4. When the primed cardboard dries, draw a heart pattern with a simple pencil.
 Mosaic picture from an eggshell
5. We take the purple shell, crumble it in hands into small pieces, smear each piece with PVA glue and begin to lay out the mosaic.
 Mosaic picture from an egg shell

6. We spread the shell in small pieces as close as possible to each other. To create the effect of a broken heart, several parts are glue arbitrarily at the bottom of the template.
 Mosaic picture from eggshell
7. The next layer is laid out in blue shell, also crushing it into small pieces and sticking it into the template using PVA glue.
 Mosaic picture from an egg shell
8.Do the same with the green shell, gradually filling the heart with a mosaic.
 Mosaic picture of an egg-shell
9. The next layer is the yellow shell, and we continue to lay out the mosaic.  Mosaic picture of an egg-shell
10. Red and orange mosaics are completing to fill our hearts.
 Mosaic picture from an eggshell
11. We do not fill the left upper part of the heart completely, creating the effect of floating fragments.
 Mosaic picture of an egg shell
12. Let's add to the work a blue background, revealing its part free from the mosaic.
 Mosaic picture of eggshell
13. In this example, the left side of the background is different from the right in its texture. This effect is achieved thanks to the lacquer lacquer.
 Mosaic picture from eggshell
14.We paint over the left part of our mosaic heart with a thin brush in places where there is no mosaic.
 Mosaic picture from an eggshell
15. Our eggshell mosaic is ready, so you can create more complex works in color and detailed combinations. We wish you creative success!
 Mosaic picture from eggshell
 Mosaic picture from egg shell
Mosaic picture from eggshell

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