Monkey dreaming

To dream of a monkey - what is it for? To the machinations of detractors or the coming fun? Find out in this article.

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What dreams of a monkey, dream book
What dreams of a monkey, dream book

Female dream book

A monkey in a dream foreshadows that you will run into insincere, hypocritical people who will try to use you for their own benefit. Also to see a monkey in a dream means soon to face the illness of your relatives, or to get sick yourself.

Seeing a dead monkey - you will manage to eliminate your enemies. For a young married woman, the monkey is a reason to be wary, perhaps the husband has a connection on the side. Feed the monkey - trust people who do not deserve it.

Russian dream book

According to this dream book, the monkey personifies laziness, meanness, double nature. To meet her in a dream - to get acquainted with a person who gives you a lot of trouble.

Family Dream

If you see a monkey in a dream, it means that you are overconfident, although in reality your business is not going very well.If a monkey is sitting on a palm tree - soon you will have to join the new team. Several monkeys are playing among themselves - to unexpected events.

To play with a monkey yourself - your friends have a reason not to trust you, such a dream also promises a marriage of convenience, a connection with a person for personal gain. Kill the monkey - soon you will commit a cruel deed that you will regret.

Esoteric dream book

What dreams of a monkey according to this dream book? For marital infidelity, for a woman, this dream is a reason to pay more attention to her husband if a man saw the monkey - his companion is very cunning.

Witch Dream

The monkey symbolizes the qualities of character that you would like to hide from others. Being among the monkeys - subjected to ridicule from friends. According to this dream book, if a little monkey climbs on a palm tree - you will have a rival at work.

To see a dead monkey - a difficult situation will resolve itself. The monkey dreams of a young girl in the event that the chosen one does not trust her and wants to test the strength of their relationship.

See how the monkeys jump through the trees - in the near future will have to work hard,but this work will not bring results. If a woman sees in a dream how her beloved is playing with a monkey - he is thinking about breaking up. To convince him of his feelings, it is necessary to agree to the proposal of marriage. To meet a monkey on a city street in a dream promises a new acquaintance. Pulling a monkey treat - something is plotting behind your back.

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