Mittens with a pattern Flowers in the snow

Knitting needlesMittens with a pattern Flowers in the snow, which will warm your hands even in the most severe frost.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (95% wool, 5% acrylic, 250m / 100g) 50 grams of white, 30 grams of red;
  2. nosal spoke kit number 2.5.

Pattern Description

The front surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - back loops.

Elastic band 1x1: we knit alternately 1 persons of the item, 1 of us. p.

Knitting description

Right mitt

We collect 50 loops with white thread, knit with an elastic band 4 rows of white, 1 row of red, 2 rows of white, 1 row of red, 2 rows of white, 1 row of red, 5 rows of white thread. The height of the gum 5 cm.

Next, we knit an ornament according to the pattern in the 20th row of the pattern from the side of the palm, make a hole for the thumb and continue to knit according to the pattern. From the 44th row we begin to reduce the top loops of the mittens according to the scheme as follows: on the 1st and 3rd knitting needles we knit the first 2 loops together. for the rear walls, on the 2nd and 4th spokes - the last 2 loops of the persons together. behind the front walls of the red thread in accordance with the ornament.

After the end of the ornament, we continue to reduce the hinges with a white thread until the needles have 1 loop. We cut the thread and stretch the loops one over the other.

Stringing your thumb

For the formation of the thumb hole, we use an auxiliary thread. We knit 2 loops from the 3rd needle, then knit 8 loops with an auxiliary thread. Now the auxiliary loops are again transferred to the third spoke, the thread is cut off and we continue to knit according to the scheme. When tying up the thumb, the auxiliary thread is removed. We type the loops of the lower row on one needle, add a loop from the side edge of the hole 1, then loop the top row of the hole onto the other needle by adding 1 loop from the edge of the hole. We divide the loops into 4 knitting needles and knit in a circle, knitting to the middle of the thumb nail, transfer the knitting into 2 knitting needles and close the finger in the same way as the top of the mitten.

Left Mitten

We knit symmetrically.

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