Miracles for the New Year: 5 magic stories from the first beauties

Novosibirsk participants of the All-Russian beauty contest shared their amazing experiences from their own lives.

In December, 13 beauties from Novosibirsk joined the fight for participation in the final of the All-Russian beauty contest "Queen of Altai Palace". The project started at the end of 2017 and will continue throughout 2018. The regional semi-finals of the competition are held monthly in the Altai Palace entertainment complex in the Altai Mountains. Residents of different cities of Russia can take part in the competition. Five participants of the Novosibirsk stage shared the brightest New Year stories from their lives.

Diana Staheeva

The most amazing Christmas story in my life began prosaically: with the sale of household appliances. My mother and grandfather went to choose gifts, waiting for the pre-holiday discounts. In the store, wandered between the rows, dividing the "tasks". Soon I notice that my grandfather is talking with a friend.And at that second I physically understood what a Miracle is: when I looked at this person, I saw a light. As if in the air around him was radiant. Later we found out that he was wearing a dark jacket, but even his clothes in my memory were kept as light. After this short meeting, I could not recover. Having questioned my grandfather on the sly, who is this friend, was not afraid to find a number in his telephone. I dialed myself, having thought up, as if I was restoring my notebook and calling in a row on all numbers. And he was delighted! It turns out that he also wanted to continue acquaintance, but did not dare because of my strict grandfather. And then he called me on a date ... in the gym! It was the most unfortunate invitation in my life! It is difficult to convey my panic - I even managed to find my sneakers with difficulty, sport has never been on my list of favorite activities. Nevertheless, the meeting went brilliantly, I even realized what kind of simulators are for. And my cavalier turned out to be a master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling! Herbal tea “brewed” me, brewed by him with his own hand - it was something magical!

Soon I received a marriage proposal, and we became husband and wife.And I took my love for sports and a healthy lifestyle from my husband so much that now our family New Year's tradition is this: at the moment when the chimes hit, my husband and I dive into the hole and swim in the icy water! (Diana, taking an example from her husband, became the Novosibirsk region record holder in swimming in icy water. Her personal record is 24 minutes. - Approx. Woman’s Day.)

Maria Shvygina

It was the last New Year. My friend has a nightclub. In order not to sit in a holiday in the same apartment with my ex-husband (who was still living with me at that time), I decided to leave him with his younger daughters and go to the club. Especially on this night my eldest daughter worked as a waiter. At the last minute, I also called my mother. We had a pretty fun time. The funniest moment came when it came to dancing. A very impressive man from all of our rather large multi-age company chose not me, not my beautiful girlfriend, but my mother! We with rather dull faces danced sluggishly alongside.

Then the man retired, and my mother said that he asked: "How old are you, 36?". And mom was 61! My naive maman told him: “What are you, what are 36? My daughter is 39, and by the way, she too! And here the granddaughter passes by, she is 18! ”.The man looked about 40–45 years old - it is clear that he ran away! We then laughed for a long time and now often recall this story. I told my mother: “Why did you tell him everything at once? It was necessary in the morning at his home. ”

Olga Amosova

It all started on New Year's Eve - only academic. I went to college! Happy, took a place in the hostel and rushed to her friend to celebrate this joyful moment. She also lived in a dormitory, just another school. I come - and she has drama. Roars bitterly: the young man with whom she is in love, not shared feelings. No matter how I tried to rest her, nothing helped. I asked at least a photo to show - to look at the hero, because of whom such tears. It was a masterpiece! The guy in the photo is on his very first army day: ridiculous, disheveled, all kind of rumpled ... "My God! Because of this crocodile, are you being killed so much ?! ”I cried.

Having somehow comforted my girlfriend, I went to the kitchen, and in the corridor of their dorm room I ran into a pretty guy. We talked, and between us, as they say, “ran through” ... Just a month later, he made me an offer, and closer to this New Year, we were already married.It turned out to be the very "crocodile" from the photo! He was so unlike himself in this picture that I simply did not recognize him "live". When it turned out that he was the hero of the bitter friend of the girlfriend, it was, of course, too late ... However, we must give her due - she survived the whole story with honor, and our friendship did not suffer from the coincidence that affected our destinies!

Anastasia Stronskaya

New, 2011, the year I met with friends. In the morning, coming home, I saw on the table a gorgeous bouquet of roses. My mother said that around twelve, when there were minutes before the chiming clock, the doorbell rang. On the threshold stood a tall, handsome, solid man with a bouquet of roses. He introduced himself and asked Anastasia. Hearing in response that Anastasia is not at home, he handed a bouquet of flowers to his mother with the words: “This is for you!”. And then asked for my phone number. This person has never seen me in my life! And here comes a message from an unfamiliar number to my phone, a beautiful poem: “There are miracles for the New Year, you only believe in them ...”. In response, I sent a dry "Thank you." And she thought about it ... Among my acquaintances there were no men with the name that the unexpected guest called his mother.Only one guy with whom we accidentally intersected in social networks and for two months now and then exchanged messages. And he found me! Found the address and came ... In the New Year!

The next day we met: he came for me, and we went to the cafe. We sat at a table opposite each other ... And something happened between us. Silence in length in a minute and a half, look each other in the eye. We could not tear myself away. Both understood: it was she, that same love at first sight. Without further ado and questioning. We left the cafe, already holding hands. The next day he brought me the keys to his apartment, a week later I moved in with him, and after a month and a half he made me an insanely beautiful offer at the same cafe! We had a beautiful wedding, and in the evening we were already flying abroad in wedding dresses. It was magical! We were as one and infinitely happy.

Svetlana Chertkova

New Year in different cultures and at different times, people celebrated in different periods, it is now we celebrate it in the middle of winter. It seems to me that the real New Year can come into your life at any moment, completely unexpectedly - and bring with you not just festive crackers,but real change! A new story of my life began more than 5 years ago in the beautiful month of May - but even then, in this blooming time, snow suddenly fell! As if nature itself sent me a sign that this is indeed my personal New Year!

One of my friends suddenly decided to see a childhood friend with whom she had not met for more than 10 years. And so there were circumstances that I was at this meeting. Everything was nice, they recalled their childhood ... I immediately noticed for myself how kind and attentive a young man was. The moment when I first met his eyes hit the memory. But nothing more happened that evening. However, a few days later he called me himself, and although the conversation turned out to be unexpectedly long, she was not at all tedious! Our first date was original - it was a trip to Tomsk. May 21 was as cool as ever at this time of year. On the way, it turned out that the insurance for the car was over ... yesterday! Seven times we had to explain ourselves on the way with the traffic police officers that we still needed numbers. We drove a long time, but fun. At the entrance to Tomsk just went the real snow! It didn’t stop us either, and we decided to take a walk in the old beautiful city.Then such a downpour began that we ran into the nearest cafe, where we had a very nice time, and then we went home. This mini-trip brought us so close that we never parted again.

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