Mink without a dirty trick. How to choose?

Mink fur has high heat-shielding properties and ideally smooth shiny hair of the same length, so products from this animal tend to get all the fashionable women.

Long and short, fun and classic - such offers to customers of all ages and sizes. So that a new fur coat or hat does not deceive your expectations, look closely at their gun. If the fur is right, he will give him warmth and reward him with beauty. Choose it is easy if you know the little fur secrets.

"Easy behavior"

Fur products can not be too light, so its weightlessness indicates the stretch of the skin. When it is strongly stretched, the thickness of the skin decreases and the distance between the hairs increases. Such lightness fluffy product indicates the threat to your warmth and comfort.

"Walking" lining

When choosing a coat, be sure to pay attention to its lining.If the coat is decent, then the lining of it should “walk” and not be sewn firmly. Such its state will allow to check the quality of the mezdra, that is, the lower layer of the skin. Therefore, in things of poor quality, the lining is not so easy to prop up, and it is hardly worth buying them, because a good price will not justify the quality.

Bring to clear water

Fur buying is always adjacent to the danger of replacing the skin of an expensive animal with a cheaper option of another origin. And the mink against its will more often than others becomes the object of such operations. They are trying to give out a woodchuck and a painted rabbit.

You should know that the mink fur is tougher than the rabbit, and besides, the rabbit skin becomes like a wet cat after contact with water. Mink in the wet state does not lose its appearance.

The woodchuck and mink are similar in fur stiffness, but they have differences that can be noticed as a substitute: unlike smooth hairs of the same length and the same length, the other-caliber wool bristles in all directions.

Stroking Against Wool

The fur of this animal is shiny, sleek and pleasant to the touch. If you iron it against the coat, and the hairs rustle, crack or crack, it means that the fur is too dry. The quality of the gun can be checked in this way - squeeze the hem of a fur coat in your hands. Good fur will immediately return to its original shape.

When buying a fur coat from this animal, you need to shake the product well. If at the same time fly down, do not believe the sellers, claiming that with the new product can be like. This is not true, and such a case suggests that they are trying to sell you a fur coat many years ago.

Take these simple secrets into service, and by taking care when buying, you can get a fur thing that will be pleasant to warm your body with warmth, and beauty with your soul.

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