Minecraft Style Snowflakes (Minecraft)

Materials and tools:

  1. templates (download);
  2. paper;
  3. printer;
  4. A paper knife.

Step 1

Download the snowflake pattern and print it out on the printer. Then fold as shown in Step 1-1.5.

First, add the sheet to make a square (the picture should be on the square) and cut off the excess. We fold a triangle from a square - a pattern on the top right. We fold the triangle in half, the pattern is obtained inside. We take for one corner we bend (we fold) outward, the pattern is again obtained from above. Also turn down the second angle.

The Minecraft snowflake blank is ready.

Step 2

Using a paper knife and orienting yourself along the pattern, cut out the snowflake.

The cutting process is quite laborious, because the pattern consists of many elements. First, we cut out large elements, and then smaller ones.

We try to cut carefully.If you can’t cut through all the layers of paper right away, then cut and remove the cut, then cut the remaining layers.

All,Minecraft snowflake (Minecraft)is ready.

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