Metal tile: features and benefits

Modern metal tile looks presentable and has the maximum similarity with the ceramic counterpart, but has a low weight and cost. A rich color palette allows you to give the structure an original look. In order for the roof to serve for more than one year and not lose its visual appeal, it is necessary to know the peculiarities of material manufacturing and to follow the technology during installation.

Design Features

Metal tile is a steel or aluminum sheet, with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.7 mm. Sometimes copper sheets are used for its production. To protect against corrosion, it has a galvanized layer. Some manufacturers apply a phosphate layer to enhance this characteristic.

A primer is used to increase the adhesion of the galvanized and polymer layers. The inner side of the metal tile also has a galvanized layer, which is then fixed by the scrapping of the lacquer, which prevents scratches.

The thickness of the metal sheet characterizes the strength of the roof, and the polymer layer determines the duration of preservation of the original appearance and resistance to external influences. The result is a surface resembling a natural tile.

If an aluminum sheet is used in production, then corrosion protection is not applied, but only a layer of polymer is applied. It has a lower weight, however, not such a large selection of colors.

Metal tiles made of copper have a presentable appearance, which over time acquires a greenish tint, because of which it looks the most attractive. Due to the high strength characteristics of the metal, additional protective layers are not applied to it.

Today the most popular sheet metal from steel sheet, which is available on the site.

Key Benefits

Due to its numerous advantages over other roofing materials, metal tile is used both in private and in industrial construction. The main ones are:

  • Easy installation. Due to the low weight, it is possible to produce sheets of a large area, which simplifies and speeds up roofing work.

  • Long service life.Well-known manufacturers provide a guarantee of at least 15 years, and significantly increase this time (up to 50 years) allows compliance with the installation technology.

  • Resistance to temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical influences.

  • Fire Safety.

  • Environmental friendliness. The material does not emit substances harmful to the body.

  • Large selection of colors.

  • Affordable.

When choosing a material from a well-known manufacturer and observing the rules of installation, metal tiles will last for a dozen years and will not lose their attractiveness.

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