Men's card in the form of a shirt

It is always nice to give presents to relatives, friends, friends, and no matter what the occasion will be, there may be some kind of solemn event, such as a birthday, an anniversary, or maybe just some thanks, for example, for a professional day. a teacher, health care provider, or just someone to thank for the service. The occasion, in general, is not important, and most importantly, that there must be a greeting card, in which you can write, both congratulatory verses, and simple words of gratitude. Nowadays, uniqueness, originality and handmade work are highly valued. Therefore, it will be interesting enough to master this master class and learn how to make an interesting, and most importantly, a postcard of an unusual shape, in the form of a shirt to congratulate a man. Such an unusual postcard can surprise, for example, men such as the head, director, manager, teacher, doctor, teacher. It will look and solid, and at the same time very memorable, as it is, hand made, and these are now valuable gifts. To make a postcard we need: • Kraft cardboard of 15 * 30 cm in size; • Paper for scrapbooking in green-brown tones in the form of different men's patterns, we take three sheets of 15 * 15 cm; • • Picture round for hours; • Cutting down a beige feather; • Suede brown cord; • The key is a bronze metallic; • Black rep ribbon with polka dots; • “Happy Holiday” stamp and black ink ; • Pearly brown semi-beads; • Watercolor paper; • Curb hole punch; • Double-sided tape; • • Wooden button; • • Ruler, pencil, sheath ites; • Lighter, glue gun.
 To make a postcard, we need
 To make a card we need
Kraft cardboard is quite dense, therefore it is very well suited for the basis of a postcard. The sheet is just the desired shape 15 * 30 cm, we divide it in half along the big side and fold it.
 Kraft cardboard is quite dense
 Kraft cardboard is quite dense
We get in a closed form the base 15 * 15 cm.Put the bend line up, take the rulers and measure on top on both sides of 3 cm, put marks.
 We receive in a closed form a basis
Get in the closed form the base
Starting from the sides and towards the center, we measure 5 cm each. We make cuts on the upper part of the postcard, but we don’t touch the bottom ones.
 We bend to the center
 We bend towards the center We bend both cuts to the center to make a collar. At the back, draw a simple line with a pencil to cut it and cut it from the back of the base.
Expand and get just such a basis from Kraft cardboard. Immediately take watercolor paper and cut a rectangle out of it for the inside of the postcard.
 Rectangle in watercolor
Rectangle of watercolor

Rectangle of watercolor 11.8 * 14.8 cm,paste it with a scotch tape inside the postcard.
 cut out two different rectangles
 From scrapbooking
From scrapbooking, cut two different rectangles also by 11.8 * 14.8 cm.  cut out two different rectangles
From the trimming back parts of the base
From the trimming of the back of the backing, there is a kraft cardboard, cut out two small rectangles for the pockets. We also cut out two rectangles and a paper tie from the third color of scrapbook. We paste the picture on one rectangle. We make a greeting inscription on a white sheet and cut it with a stamp. From trimming the back of the warp
Cut the piece of cord
Cut off a piece of cord, pass the key, apply the cord to the workpiece, and on top we glue the pocket.On the other hand, too, we glue the pocket, in the center at the top of the tie, and at the bottom is a round picture of the clock and an inscription on it. We cut off also two quadrangles for a collar. We sew the machine all pockets, tie, pictures, collar and inscription.  Cut the piece of cord
cut two pieces by the width of the pocket
The glue below is now a feather, and from the reps tape we cut two pieces into the width of the pocket, the edges are cauterized and glued to the pockets. We paste the rectangles themselves onto the base and sew each one. Inside the postcard, on the watercolor paper we glue strips of paper lace strips, which we punch from scrap paper.
 cut two segments to the width of the pocket

 Men's shirt in the form of a shirt
Kleim button and beads, done! Thank you all for your attention!
 A man's shirt in the form of a shirt
Men's card in the form of a shirt

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