Meeting of spring and the holiday of Russian Shrovetide

At the end of winter, the holiday of the Russian Shrovetide is traditionally celebrated, which usually falls on the first days of the month of March. Meeting spring and seeing off winter takes one week, and each day corresponds to a certain value and procedure.

Decorations for the meeting of Maslenitsa.On the first day, there is a carnival, on the second day, various entertainment events are held - taps, on the third day the stove is taken pancakes and to treat them to all participants of the holiday, on the fourth day there are mass folk festivals - rampant, the fifth and sixth days are devoted to meeting with relatives, on the last seventh day celebrations of carnival and winter celebrate and burn a straw figure, which symbolizes the winter.

To prepare for the meeting of the Carnivalyou should acquire the necessary attributes and products in advance.So, Russian sleds made of wood will be very appropriate, which will be suitable for both adults and children.

By the day of the festivities, it is very desirable to mount a large jellied slide with a long and wide slope made of natural wood. Wooden slides of various models and price categories can be ordered from the company "Pleten" specializing in the manufacture of various handicrafts and wood products. Delivery, assembly and installation of slides is carried out in Moscow and the Moscow region.

For the convenience of organizing the process of treating people with pancakes, different counters will be required and it would be great if they were made in Russian style also from real wood. Counters can be issued in the form of a cart without boards. It turns out a kind of cart-table with a sign at the top.

Decorative Mill.For children's games, you can install decorative wooden houses from logs, and decorate the territory itself with a windmill, wooden carts, wicker fences, benches and even small gazebos, so that visitors have a place to relax.

If you are faced with the taskto organize a holiday of Shrovetide, then you can purchase the necessary counters for this event, order the delivery and assembly of slides, and you can buy Russian sledges from the company "Pleten". In addition to the available range of wood products, you can order various crafts and products according to an individual project and even according to a drawing with dimensions. Specialists and woodworkers will happily complete the assigned task as soon as possible! Coniferous trees such as pine, spruce, larch, as well as birch and oak are used in the manufacture.

We wish you a great meeting of carnival and spring!

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