Magnetic Detector

Very often, when building different electric generators or motors, it is required to determine the pole of the magnet. Almost every person from school physics lessons knows that the magnet has two poles: the north (denoted by the blue color with the letter "N") and the southern one (denoted by red and the letter "S"). This simple electronic detector will help you determine the name of the pole of the magnet. For its not built you will not need scarce parts and components. As a sensor in the detector, a Hall sensor is used, which can be removed from an old cooler from a computer. Fortunately, such “good” is now in bulk. As you know, computer fans incorporate a brushless motor. Which consists of two windings at anchor and a switching element - Hall sensor. This sensor switches the windings depending on the position of the movable magnetic ring located in the impeller. Magnetic Detector

Fan Circuit

Magnetic Detector
This item has four pins. Two is power, and two outputs on which the power is depending on the magnetic field. That is, the power level can only be on one of the conclusions.

Magnetic detector circuit

Magnetic Detector
For the place of the windings we connect multi-colored LEDs, through the limiting resistor. We will feed the entire circuit from a 3-volt “tablet” type battery. We will assemble the scheme on a breadboard. Let's display the sensor a little on the outputs.
Magnetic Detector
Magnetic Detector
Check. The only disadvantage of this sensor is that the level is always present on one of the conclusions, regardless of the presence of a magnetic field. Therefore, I added a power button for switching the circuit with the source. As a result, it works like this: brought it to the magnet, pressed the button - the LED indicating the field came on,all - the button can be released. div>

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