Luxury holidays in the UAE

Going on vacation with children, loving parents very carefully choose the direction to travel. There are many countries in the world in which all conditions are created for little tourists. One of these countries is the United Arab Emirates, consisting of 7 emirates. The most loyal of them is Dubai. It is the capital of this emirate that is most often chosen by many parents as the purpose of the trip.

Dubai for children - this is what you need. There is a huge number of various entertainment centers, a lot of equipped parks, attractions. This city surprises with its water parks, giant aquariums, ski trails, fireworks. Those who wish can make a safari in a jeep. But the most important thing is, of course, swimming in the warm azure sea and sunbathing on the cleanest snow-white sandy beaches, equipped with a special descent into the water. Conveniently, almost all restaurants and cafes here offer a special children's menu, as well as being equipped with small chairs.

All hotels, without exception, offer a wide range of services and a high level of service, so staying on one thing can be very difficult.Select a place for temporary accommodation will help the rating of hotels in Dubai. Most beach and city hotels offer babysitting services to guests. The rooms have a cot, and on the territory - playgrounds and heated pools, in which even in winter the water reaches 29 degrees. Animators organize various entertaining performances for kids, hold interesting contests. And for children to feel the enchanting atmosphere of Arabian fairy tales, excursions to the historical part of the city are organized for them. Arriving in the UAE to rest, tourists almost forget that they are in the desert.

If the funds do not allow you to make such a trip, then you can go with children to one of the Russian resorts or visit some interesting Russian city, for example, St. Petersburg Hotel Lancelot 2 stars, located in a quiet area of ​​the city, the best fit for holidays with children. This mini-hotel has a polite and friendly staff who will do everything possible to make the child feel at home. Caught in the usual conditions, young children are less naughty and quickly adapt to the new environment, which means that the trip will be a success and will leave behind only the most pleasant memories.

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