Glasses for a wedding in lilac with your own

Always fussy and quite hard to prepare for the wedding. After all, you always want to do better than others. To all was without a hitch. Now, quite a few couples who are going to play a wedding, ask for help in special wedding salons, where specially trained people help them decide on the color of the wedding, and the decor, and with the full decoration. Other people prefer not to shift, or even say, not to trust everything in the design of the wedding to little-known people, but to do the main part on their own. Then you will surely be sure that everything will go as you wish and it was you who did it. Here, for example, wedding invitations, each girl can prepare the decoration of glasses herself. Right now we will learn how to decorate wedding glasses in lilac color with our own hands. To make glasses we will need: • Two transparent champagne glasses: • Rhinestones with a hologram tint 5 mm in diameter,we will need about 150 pieces; • A glue gun with a 7 mm rod (you also need to pick a good glue rod so that the rhinestones do not spread when gluing); • White and beige latex roses; • • Paper roses of violet, white and lilac flowers with a diameter of 10 mm and 20 mm; • Satin lilac ribbon 25 mm wide; • Thin satin ribbons white and purple; • Pendants with metal pairs of hearts; • Mid-cabochons hearts silver color; • Bouquets of complex stamens white and purple; • Scissors, glue, lighter.
Wedding glasses in lilac color
 Wedding glasses in lilac color
Decorating this the type of glasses consists in the partial use of phrases. We will not glue the rhinestones thickly and firmly. We put rhinestones on the table, turn on the gun, heat it.
 Lilac wedding glasses
 Wedding glasses in a lilac color
Begin from the bottom up to exactly paste the rhinestones at a distance of about 1 cm. We glue on a strip of 8-9 strazikov.Glue so on one glass of 5 stripes of rhinestones. For suspenders, we need to cut two thin strips of tape, fold them in pairs, thread them into the suspension and tie bows.
 Wedding glasses in lilac color

Wedding glasses in lilac color
Both glasses are pasted, now we will decorate a little and a round bottom stand.

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