Light and original bracelet on hand

Bracelet on hand is a very popular decoration. It was worn and worn by representatives of all cultures of the world. Bracelets have been used since ancient times. This ornament was not worn only in the Middle Ages in Europe, because at that time it was considered bad form to walk with bare hands. In the article I want to talk about how you can make this type of jewelry yourself. It will take a little time to make such a bracelet. Special skills are not needed. The bracelet will be able to make even an aspiring needlewoman.
 original bracelet on hand
To make jewelry you will need (calculation of quantity is given below): 1. beads (large and small) 2. satin cord 3. thread 4. needle 5. hooks (2 pieces).
 materials for the bracelet
Instructions for work At the very beginning, you need to measure the circumference of your wrist.The master class uses the number of beads needed to make a bracelet with a length of 18 centimeters (wrist girth 15 centimeters). You will need 2 types of beads: about 20 large ones (diameter about 8 millimeters) and 70 small ones (diameter 3 millimeters). The difference in the size of the beads should not be very large, otherwise the product will turn ugly. The cord for the bracelet can be of any kind, as long as it is not thick (I bought a satin cord with a width of 2 millimeters). Its approximate length is 1 meter. The cord should be 4 times longer than the girth of the wrist, you also need to leave a margin for fastening the fastener. Before work, be sure to check if the needle goes easily into the bead. It is necessary to make it so that when you repeat the action (when you have to push the needle with the thread a second time) there are no problems. The thread should be long and in the color of the cord. When reconciling threads of a contrasting shade, the work looks sloppy. You can use different types of fasteners. I like ordinary hooks and buttons. The process of making a bracelet First you need to take the cord and cut it in half. Attach a hook to the first part, and put the second one aside.Then in the left side of the cord to thrust the needle on the back side. This will not show the knot at the end of the thread.
 take the cord and cut it
Put a bead on the needle. Then a needle and thread must be carried over the right side of the cord. Then the action must be repeated, but the thread should already go under it. Then stick a needle into the same bead.
 stick a needle into the same bead
Thread with a needle you need to carry over the left part of the cord, then under it. The next step is to pick up a new bead.
 pick up a new bead
Repeat this action until the bracelet is long enough.
long enough
After the length of the bracelet has reached the required value, you need to trim the rest of the cord. What remains is to fasten on the hook. To do this, skip the rest of the cord in the eyelet hook. Then we fix all this with “Moment” glue or with a needle and thread. It turns out a bracelet.You can leave it like this, but it’s best to continue working: weave another narrow bracelet from the part of the cord set aside, and then connect the bracelets together, skipping a series of large beads between them.
 reached the required value The resulting bracelets may differ from each other. They can be made in different colors, use different clasps and beads.
 The resulting bracelets
So, we make the second exactly the same bracelet. The second product will make a little longer. It is necessary for the bracelet to sit well on the arm.
 we make the second
Then we will use these 2 bracelets as cords to weave larger beads between them.
larger beads in the bracelet
Repeat these steps until the end of weaving.
 original wristband

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