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Wall mirrors are the most common type of mirrors in the hallway. They can be framed in a frame or be without it, can be supplemented with a shelf below or other elements. Wall mirror can be vertical or horizontal. The first option is better, because it allows a person to consider himself in full growth.

An additional advantage is the property of making the room visually slightly higher. The most common are rectangular and square versions. But if you want to achieve an interesting effect, then you can opt for a mirror of irregular or irregular shape. Whatever the shape and size of the mirror in the hallway, it is important to place it in such a way that there is enough space in front of it.

This space is designed so that a person can safely dress and look at himself.

Materials and tools:

  1. Mirror (Mirror 1000mm x 1600mm);
  2. Glue - liquid nails;
  3. Staples with through fasteners that support the bottom, on the sides;
  4. Roulette;
  5. Drill and screwdriver;
  6. Tile;
  7. Tile adhesive;
  8. Grout;
  9. Notched trowel and trowel, rubber trowel;
  10. Grout;
  11. Primer;
  12. Level;
  13. Pencil, stationery knife, tape measure, or ruler;
  14. Crosses for aligning seams;
  15. Household scales;
  16. «T»shapedprofile;
  17. Glue for PVA materials (Moment Liquid nails, etc.);
  18. Nippers;
  19. Sponge and dry cloth;
  20. Cock;
  21. Brush or various rollers;
  22. White oily paint;
  23. Liquid wallpaper.

Step 1

To start work, you must select the place where the mirror will be located. My mirror will be located on the wall where this ugly closet once stood.

To clean the walls of old wallpaper and other things. To make plastering work. The wall should be perfectly flat.

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