Krasnoyarsk made a favorite bid at a hockey match

The future bride is unlikely to forget such an incredibly romantic offer of a hand!
Offer hands and hearts on ice
Offer hands and hearts on ice
Offer hands and hearts on ice
Sergey and Xenia on the ice "Arena. North"
Photo: press service of HC "Sokol"
Here's how to surprise your favorite!
Photo: press service of HC "Sokol"
Ksenia could not hide her joyful smile
Photo: press service of HC "Sokol"

In Krasnoyarsk, the Sokol hockey players on the home ice in the Arena. North ”on February 15th was blown to the guests from Tver - to the team of“ THK ”with a score of 2: 3. But this match was decorated with an amazingly romantic moment ...

To the spectators in the stands was not boring, in the intervals between the periods of hockey battles leading to invite to participate in various competitions. A young couple - Sergey and Xenia just went on the ice to have some fun.

And after an amusing contest with a stick, Sergey suddenly takes Xenia by the hand and asks the host for the microphone. Suddenly, as from a fairy tale, a gorgeous bouquet of roses and a treasured red box with a ring appear! Sergey kneels down and offers Xenia to become his wife ... Of course, she said “yes!”.

By the way, yesterday there were almost 1,800 spectators in the stands: they are all witnesses of the fact that Sergey promised to marry.

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