Colpitis(vaginitis) is a common gynecological disease, characterized by inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. The disease is accompanied by severe pain, severe swelling, itching and burning of the affected area. As a rule, diseases accompanied by purulent discharge, sometimes with an admixture of blood. Usually colpitis causes unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, difficulty urinating, general severe malaise. If the process begins to spread, it can cover even higher departments, down to the cervix.

Causes leading to the development of colpitis

Colpitisoften occurs with a general decrease in immunity, concomitant infectious processes, disorders of the hormonal background of the body. Traumatic violations of the integrity of the mucous membranes are possible with improper manipulations (douching, abortion) or the introduction of foreign bodies into the vagina. The possibility of developing the disease is increased if there are circulatory disorders of the vaginal mucosa, changes in its anatomical features, and allergic reactions.

The reason may also be the lack of proper hygienic care for the sexual organs, promiscuous sex life, dysbacteriosis caused by the uncontrolled intake of antibiotics. These factors disrupt the growth of normal vaginal microflora, causing increased multiplication of pathogenic flora (streptococci, staphylococci, protea, yeast, chlamydia and mycoplasmas).

Diagnosis of colpitis

Colpitis refers to thegynecologysection. Sometimes the diagnosis is difficult, since the symptoms of this disease are very different. On examination at the gynecologist revealed the following picture: the mucous membrane of the vagina is very swollen and has abundant redness. The inflammatory process is so strong that when it comes into contact with a mirror, bleeding opens.

The doctor makes a diagnosis on the totality of the patient's complaints, examination through the mirrors on the gynecological chair, the results of the tests, especially the crops, which make it possible to understand the causes of the disease. At the same time, the sensitivity of the identified microflora to antibiotics is determined.It is very important to measure the pH of the vagina, which should not be below 4.5. The diagnosis is made in the laboratory on the basis of a vaginal smear.

It is very important to start treatment immediately, since the transition of the disease to the chronic phase makes it very difficult to recover completely. If you run a colpitis, the infection can also cover the internal genital organs, which subsequently contributes to the occurrence of various complications: endometritis, cervical erosion and infertility.

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