Knit without hook. Beautiful rug of old things.

How many techniques of creativity do not come up with a needlewoman to "recycle" the remnants of materials! .. We have already shown you how to make yarn from T-shirts and knit a rug from such yarn, but this time it will be about creating a track from strips of natural fabric. Accordingly, the technique here is different than in the case of stretching jersey. From knitted stripes you can knit in a circle using a hook, but not stretching fabric pushes you to a kind of weaving. See how to make a rug out of strips of cloth: perhaps you will want to experiment like that!

Materials and tools:

  • scissors,
  • fabric of two contrasting colors (for example, black and white),
  • wooden frame for stretching bands,
  • nails,
  • a hammer.

Just note that the rug you will not work without a frame. Therefore, the first thing you need to prepare for work is her. On the two opposite sides of the frame, you need to make clips for the strips.To do this, nail along the contour of the sides of the nails at a distance of 3 cm from each other. Prepare woven fabric. Lay the fabric in front of you and cut it into stripes in the same way as in the case of knitting yarn. You need to cut the fabric in such a way that you have a long, solid "thread."

Now you can proceed to the weaving itself, or rather to form the vertical threads of the future rug. Take a white "thread" from the fabric and hook it for the first nail from the bottom. Keep the strip up and circle around the first top nail. Then lead the strip down again and cling to the second nail. Thus, cover the frame with all vertical threads. If the segment of the strip ends, you need to carefully tie it to the two nodes with the tip of the next strip.

Making all the vertical lines, you can go to the horizontal. To do this, it is not even necessary to cut off the strip and fasten it: it is enough just to unfold the strip and begin to weave it through one vertical strip.

Reaching the end of the first horizontal row, turn the strip in the opposite direction and continue to weave through one vertical thread.

In order to revive the product, tie the thread in a contrasting color - black. You can decorate with horizontal black stripes only some fragments of the rug: this will make it more interesting.

The photo shows how you can put a chess ornament also in a checkerboard pattern!

Decorating the fragment with black stripes, tie up the white ones again and continue to weave until you finish the rug. If desired, you can make and fringe. To do this, pull the tails of the strips attached to the nails, and fasten them with nodules. At the very end of work, remove the mat from the frame mounts.

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