Jewelry is always a welcome purchase

Fashion variability does not affect gold jewelry. They are not subject to time, relevant and valuable for many thousands of years. A modern woman dreams of getting a golden thing as a gift, as much as the ancient Egyptian and Greek women thousands of years ago.

Gold always attracted attention and fascinated by its bright sunshine. From this soft metal it is easy to make jewelery that is not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation. Therefore, they have long been produced and were popular in different countries. If you want to choose a wonderful gold jewelry, you can visit the jewelry store
At first, gold decorated very wealthy, powerful people and emphasized the high status of its owner . The progress of gold production technologies has led to cheaper jewelry and their mass character. Today they serve to emphasize the individuality and attractiveness of their owner.

Metallic jewelery is rarely made of pure gold, because it is soft and products from it are not practical. They are produced only in some Asian countries. To impart hardness, it is common to use its various alloys with metals (called ligatures) to form various shades. The following gold colors occur:
• White. Platinum or palladium additive.
• Yellow. The addition of silver and copper. With their different proportions, different shades of gold are obtained - from lemon to sunny.
• Red. Additive copper.
• Greenish. Silver additive.
• Green. Cadmium additive.
• Blue. Additive India.
• Bluish. Alloy with steel.
• Black. Addition of chromium and cobalt.Special processing of this alloy.
For the manufacture of jewelry use all these alloys. Especially popular are products that combine gold of different colors, which emphasizes their individuality. Gold of various shades framed precious stones. Most often for this purpose white gold is used, which reliably fixes the stone and emphasizes their brilliance. Gold and straightened gems, which gives them a great elegance. Gold jewelry is made to be worn on the head, hands, neck, clothes. Their appearance is varied. These are tiaras, rings, brooches, necklaces and other luxury items.
When buying gold items, one should beware of forgery. Fakes are usually made of cheap metal and only on top covered with a thin layer of gold. The real price of such a product is low, but is sold at the price of a fully gold product. Independently without special equipment do not install a fake. Most often, such a gilded product can be bought abroad. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from fakes, you should not make purchases at bazaars or at strangers, but in shops with the preservation of a cash receipt. The product must be branded by the manufacturer.We must study it. In addition, look at the amount of gold in the alloy, which is indicated on a special stamp - a sample.

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