Jewelry by appearance type: choose gold earrings

To emphasize the natural beauty of the face, women wear earrings. The decoration came to us from antiquity and is considered a classic method of individualization of its own appearance. A variety of earrings pushes fashionistas to endless reflections. What to choose - rings, "pendants", studs or earrings with massive shiny stones? It is important to know what decorations will fit for specific facial features.

Jewelry accessories made of precious metals are relevant at all times.Gold earringsare unique in that they are dispersed in colors. The catalog of the online store presents a rich selection of jewelry made of platinum, silver and gold. In the category of gold - earrings white, yellow and reddish palette. Light metal is impressed by the Nordic type of appearance. Traditional gold - brunettes, brown-haired women, red-haired beauties.

To guess with decorations that enhance facial features, you need to focus on two criteria:

  • face shape
  • wardrobe style.

Earrings made of precious metals are relevant for all physiotypes and for any style of clothing with a small footnote to:

  • product size;
  • geometric shape
  • the presence of decor and stones.

To eyes

Gold earrings

Most often, earrings are chosen under the iris of the eye. Magical depth, bewitching glow stones emphasize the natural perfection of the main female "weapon": look.

  • Yellow eye studs are favored with yellow gold earrings with amber, ruby, topaz.
  • Blue-eyed beauties are suitable stones in light orange, blue and purple.
  • Women with gray and green eyes - lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, pearls.

To face

For chubby beauties and girls with an oval face type, suitable jewelry is oblong, flat, medium or small in size.

"Expand" a lean, small face earrings and clips of convex shape, in the form of rings, with voluminous stones or beads, are capable.

The owners of an angular type of face are recommended products with asymmetry, as well as earrings with round and oval stones (in particular, studs).

It is important to take into account the type of lobe: for the massive ear, choose flat decorations, for a small thin lobe - elegant, miniature, with an English or French castle.

For clothes

Casual style provides restraint in jewelry. To go to work or university choose a minimalist design earrings in white or yellow gold without expensive stones.

Rubies, diamonds and a combination of nuggets leave for a more solemn occasion. Not only luxurious earrings, but also add-ons in the form of pendants, rings and bracelets will suit the main wardrobe.

As a rule, there should be several pairs of earrings in the jewelry box of a modern lady. Periodic change of image helps to raise self-esteem and improve mood. It's nice to see a beautiful reflection in the mirror.

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