Instagram Queen: the most popular girls online

Now social networks have become a part of our life. Many of us use them not only as a way of communication, but also promote their identity as a brand with their help.

Instagram has become a successful platform for bloggers of various formats, but beautiful girls are especially popular, they pay great attention to their profile and try to make it conceptual and interesting in order to increase the number of interested subscribers. Meet the TOP-12 of the most successful and beautiful Instagram-queens of Omsk. And you can choose the most popular on the last page.

Alexandra Astafurova

This year I graduated from OmGUPS with a red diploma, I lead an active lifestyle, I read a lot, in the past I was fond of sports and dancing, in the near future I plan to return to it. Instagram has recently become for me something more than just a social network. Sometimes he brings me some income. My Instagram is about three years old, but it’s been seriously taken up over the last couple of years. For posts there is no favorite topic that she wanted, then published. Basically, this is a photo from my daily life.

Anna Kuleshova

I am a surgical nurse, but now I don’t want to link my life with medicine, so at the moment I’m working on developing planners (diaries) for modern, stylish and sophisticated girls. My hobbies are psychology and literature. In general, I am interested in everything new, unexplored. For some it's a waste of time, for me it is an opportunity to grab pieces from everywhere and get to know yourself. After all, until you try, you do not know who you are.

Instagram started at the time of the decree. It was boring, she began to share moments of pregnancy with girls, then a son was born, she formed her own circle, we became friends with many girls from different cities, and for me Instagram is a world of loved ones and friends who have been with me for years. Previously, Instagram was a personal page, but many questions began to come, I understood that I could help with a word. The Soviets began to work, there were more satisfied girls who changed their lives after my instructions. After that, I began to write posts for a wide public, I try to touch on sensitive topics. This is a virtual world, but the people and the feelings in it are real. And sometimes you just need a person who voices your thoughts out loud.So the idea came to write posts # sayskuleshov.

Ekaterina Ivanova

In life, I am a master of eyelash extension and eyebrow shaping, I love to create beauty and make the world brighter. In my free time I have a workout, I do it regularly - 3-4 times a week. I love to travel and learn everything new. I love the speed and everything connected with the car. Instagram started to keep not so long ago, about a year regular posts. I am writing mainly on the topic of sports and beauty.

Angelica Zuevskaya

I am a student of OmGUPS, I study at the 4th course in the direction of marketing. My hobby is sport. 3-4 times a week I go to the gym.

Instagram came to me in 2014. The main stream of subscribers began when hashtags appeared. At that time, they were not yet well known, and during the night a tidy sum of new "followers" was recruited. Also, my profile began to be actively interested in after participating in beauty contests "Miss Geometria" and "Miss IMPERIA", in the latter they managed to take the crown. My posts do not carry any meaning in the form of long, useless texts. I also do not adhere to a specific topic of Instagram. I think about making a profile in the same style, one color, but have not yet found my ideal filter.

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