Increase the communication range of Wi Fi router

It all started with the fact that my router burned down. The ASUS router stood before the shad earlier, it worked quite tolerably, the distance was enough with a head - catch anywhere in the house and even outside. But now he has retired to a different world from his old age, plowed for about 7 years. I bought a new router with a built-in DSL modem. A very convenient thing, no problems with connecting to each other, I just had a DSL modem connected to a Wi-Fi router and their joint configuration was very painful for me.
wi fi router
Bought, so this thing is 2 in 1, was happy. But as it turned out in vain - the radius of action is so small that in the next room, in the far half, do not catch it at all. I decided to exchange them with antennas, the old one has a longer antenna, and it has a turn. Plus, it is removable and any other remote antenna can be connected to the socket.
rear view of the router
The new router antenna is not removable, and the old removable antenna was screwed into the socket.I decided to make a nest and a new router, removing the nest from the burned-down router. I disassembled the router.
 disassemble the router
 antenna connection
Dropped the antenna, now it will serve as a dummy, did not tear it off.
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Here is a detachable connector ride from the old router.
 antenna connection connector
Drill a hole with scissors in the opposite side.
 drill a hole

Insert the connector, solder the wires. To solder such thin wires is terrible flour, I did not immediately succeed. Be sure to ring the tester if you decide to repeat this. I assembled everything in reverse order.
 connect an external antenna
 the router is ready
Now about the results. I can’t say that I’m right, I’ve started catching everywhere and everywhere, but the signal has become more confident, it catches almost everywhere, there are, of course, “black holes”, but it is already less common.If you want the result in numbers, then the signal is better by 15-20% percent. But now it is possible to connect any other antenna.

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