Hozblok with toilet and shower for giving on the basis of cabins KONVEYT


An ordinary house in a country house with a minimum area and without amenities can hardly be called a comfortable place to rest.

To compensate for the inconvenience, many owners of such land plots are diligently caring for the area around the house. However, such work comes to naught when you come to rest, and the country house is not properly equipped, it does not have a bathroom, shower or toilet. This is especially true if you come to your garden with children. Therefore, the optimal option for recreation - a modern farmer KONVEYT. The efforts of fans of garden plots in recent times have been crowned with major success: modern lightweight structures have been created specifically for low-budget holidays in the country. The basis of each house are frame devices. There are many options for finished blocks, they differ in area and arrangement inside, which allows to satisfy anyone, even the most demanding summer resident,choose the option that suits your taste and needs (yours or the whole family depends on the goals and the specific situation).

Change houses CONVEYT

Power Modules

Hozblok characterized by a high degree of convenience. Since hygiene in the country - one of the mandatory conditions for rest and work on the garden plot, it is important to provide temporary facilities with a toilet and shower in the bathroom, which suggests a minimum level of amenities. It is advisable to choose a hozblok with a room for inventory, since the storage of tools in the bathroom or in the shower, to put it mildly, is impractical, this leads to their deterioration, the savings are reduced to nothing. The separation in the economic block for the tools should be sufficient in size for your needs, otherwise you will not even be able to hide from the rain in case of need.

Summer life of a summer resident is associated with temperature fluctuations during the day and night, therefore, for a comfortable life, household units are equipped with stoves to dry clothes and a place for cooking. Such a zone is usually organized according to the principle of a Canadian stove, which requires a minimum amount of fuel. Warming up of the room occurs in a matter of minutes.

Characteristic features of power modules

1. The issue of creating different zones for inventory and recreation is decided. Hozblok easy to complete outbuildings. On sale there are whole complexes of hozblok that does not exclude an individual approach to the choice of their planning.

2. An alternative to a full-fledged holiday home. The Hozblok includes the necessary zones to ensure the comfort of life in a one-day or long holiday. The number of such blocks includes carports for the car and the veranda.

3. Low cost hozbloka. Storage areas for inventory can be equipped with light, cheap structures made of polycarbonate or metal tiles.

4. Mobility, as well as adaptation to any needs. Modern hozblok equipped with various modules that can be adapted to the needs of the owner at any time of the year.

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