How to survive in Moscow?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 22, 2013
How to survive in Moscow?

Experienced people say that enrolling in Moscow is half the battle. It must be able to survive. The beginning of student life is a problem time: the school in which everything was familiar is finished, life on everything is ready under the wing of the parents. Now ahead are harsh professors and complex sessions. And also - a huge city, in which the mass of temptations. If, nevertheless, the determination to go to Moscow does not leave, you must be ready to hear for your “Moscow is not a rubber!” Or “Have come all sorts here!”. In this article we will look at how people live in Moscow.

Safety regulations

Going on the road yourself you need to be extremely careful and cautious. Here are some tips to avoid unnecessary trouble:

  1. Keep money and documents in your purse, which you will never let go of yourself.
  2. Minimum outfits. Best of all, denim style, which will not distinguish from the general mass of youth.
  3. In no case can not take a private taxi. You need to use the services of express buses that deliver to the subway for a reasonable fee.
  4. It is advisable not to go out from 23 hours to 2 nights. The most dangerous time in Moscow. Especially near the night stands. If you are already close, you can not turn around to shouting and enter into communication.
  5. You can not immediately spend all the money brought from home, they will be useful. Accommodation in Moscow is quite expensive.

Price examples

  • Accommodation: hostel from 600 rub. per month; rent a room, the cheapest - 8-10 thousand. rub. per month; rent 1-room. apartments - 15-17 thousand. rub. per month.
  • Travel by public transport - 20 rub. one trip.
  • The cheapest cinema ticket is 50 - 70 rub.
  • White bread - 17 rubles, gray - 15 rubles.
  • Instant noodles - from 25 rubles.
  • Potatoes - from 25 rub. for 1 kg.
  • Milk - from 40 rub. for 1l.
  • Beer - from 30 rub. for one bottle of the cheapest.

The scholarship is about 600 rubles. per month.

How to save

A few tips on how to survive in Moscow, saving on various things.

  • It is necessary to purchase tickets for all types of transport for a month. It will be cheaper than buying tickets for one trip.
  • Pay for mobile communications at payment acceptance points where no commission is charged.
  • If you need to rent a house, it is better to do it with someone in a pair.This will save money, and being alone in an unfamiliar city is not so scary.
  • Talking to relatives, do not forget to bring food from there.
  • Do not buy food in the center of the capital, on the outskirts they are cheaper.
  • Procurement is better to do on such trading platforms as Real or Auchan. They are made on the principle of a wholesale warehouse.

After reading, decide for yourself whether it is possible to live in Moscow. Perhaps you can, just need a little getting used to.

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