How to send an email?

With the advent of the Internet, many different opportunities have arisen to connect with loved ones and relatives, or simply to conduct business communication with management. If you can easily use social networks to communicate with friends, then in order to adhere to strict business communication with employers or partners, it is better to use e-mail services.

Do not despair if you are new to this field, and do not yet know how to send an email. Despite the diversity of mail servers, the scheme of sending emails is the same. It is worth remembering it once, and you can always use this opportunity from different servers.

So, to send an email, you first need to have an email address. You can create it using the usual registration by going to the site,,, or any other server offering to create an email box. An email address consists of a name that the user invents himself and a domain name, which is located after the @ dog. For example, an email address might look like this: [email protected]

After creating your own e-mail box, log into it, and find the button with the name "Create", "Write" or "Write a letter." To activate the ability to send a letter, click on the button by clicking on it with the left mouse button once. If you did everything right, a window will appear in which you actually need to write the letter itself.

Consider the structure of the window to send an email.

Field "From" or "Sender"

Here your name and email address should be written by default. Some mail servers allow you to change this field to other addresses, but for this you need to make additional settings. You also need to leave the information that is already written in the "From" or "Sender".

Field "To" or "Recipient"

This field is for the email address of the person or organization that you are going to send the letter to. The address must consist not only of the name, but also of the domain name ([email protected]). If you have previously sent the recipient a letter from this email, then when you enter the first letters in this field, it will pop up in the form of a hint. You can select the desired address with a single click of the left mouse button.

Subject field

This line is not required to fill in, but it will help the recipient to navigate the importance of the message. Here you can write "Urgently", and then the addressee will know what is important, rather than read the letter. Or, if you are sending photos, write in the subject line “Wedding photo”. The subject specified by you in this field will be displayed by the recipient next to the message about receipt of the letter.

Message field

This field usually has no name, but it is easy to determine by its size - it is the largest of all the fields that will open in front of you after you click the "Create" button. Here you can write your message, making it in the same way as an ordinary letter on paper: greeting and addressing to the addressee, then the main idea, farewell and expression of respect.

To complete the sending of the letter, click the "Send" button. To make sure that the letter was sent, you can find it in the Sent or Outbox folder.

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