How to say no and not lose your job

How often do you say yes instead of no

How often do you say yes instead of no

Sometimes ethical problems arise because management misuses its power. Then you find yourself in a very difficult position. If the boss criticizes you for constantly surfing the Internet during business hours, you can either give up this habit or prove that it is necessary for business. But if the owner of the company asks for incorrect salary data to avoid paying taxes, then you can’t do anything. Such a request is unethical and also constitutes a hidden threat, because if you do not follow the orders of your superiors, you risk losing your job. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation, with millions of workers coming across it every year. Here, victory or defeat depends only on your tactfulness and diplomatic abilities. To begin with, try to defuse the situation, allowing the manager to take his words back.


Try these options.



Repeat the request.Say: “Did I understand you correctly? Do you want me to falsify the data? But is it illegal? ”


Shut up, pretend you did not understand.


Say: "I guess I misheard."


Say: "Sorry, maybe we will look for another exit?"


Say: "Sorry, I will go out to drink water, and when I return, we can start over again."


There is a hope that after such maneuvers your boss will think about it and, possibly, will withdraw the request. However, this does not always work, and you may be faced with a choice: to fulfill the request or refuse and wait for the consequences.


It is almost always in your and the company's interest to reject the unethical proposal of the boss or employee.


Refusing, you will undoubtedly meet a negative attitude on the part of the interlocutor. He can accuse you of disloyalty and extreme individualism. Do not respond to this. Your colleagues will quickly notice that you are being pursued unreasonably, and, most likely, they will guess what's the matter.



After your refusal, the boss will try to incite the illegal actions of another employee. Maybe it will work, maybe not. But you will not be fired with him from the company, when his frauds will be revealed. After all, sooner or later this is what happens!


It can happen differently and you lose your job. If you are entirely dependent on the boss, you will not be able to refuse and stay at work. In such a difficult situation, you either accept the offer, or leave. Our advice: leave, even if you have to sit without work for some time. Deal with conscience does not make anyone happy.

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