How to revive a former passion?

Svetka was married for only three years. After about a year of family life and after the birth of her daughter, the passion died away, it was just life, with cooking, cleaning, crying a small child and irreconcilable mother-in-law. Single attempts by Svetka to return her former passion from her husband did not arouse enthusiasm. For the first time she prepared a romantic dinner with candles and met her husband in beautiful clothes from work. But he did not even notice it, put out the candles, ate sea bastards and went to bed. And the second time they went on vacation, leaving the child to the mother, but even there the romance did not work out. On the contrary, Sveta even more understood how much they are tired of each other and how lovers can no longer behave. As a result of a divorce, none of them began to fight for marriage.

And a second example: Nastya has been married for seven years, their relationship with her husband is like a swing - either passion, life, scandals, or noisy reconciliation, but the couple are not going to part. Nastya gave birth, like Svetka, in the first year of marriage, and the fervor of feelings with her husband went through a couple of years.Nastya tried to arrange romantic evenings, and to create joint entertainment, and to buy new clothes - it was useless, the second half did not turn on anything. And then Nastya chose another tactic - the only solution that common sense prompted her. She just stopped paying attention to her husband - she gave him freedom of action and she did the same. She began to meet with her friends, to look after herself, to dress beautifully, and to buy sets of the bottom not for a special occasion, but for every day. She stopped asking her husband for advice and even began to ignore his opinion - in general, turned into an independent, attractive and sought-after woman.

And what would you think? Not paying attention to the independence of his wife Kostya got exactly three months, and then he began to cling to the behavior of his wife and feelings flooded again. She told us later that the marital bed at that time simply became heated and the passion returned.

How to revive a former passion?

It is necessary to pay tribute to Nastya, she is a wise woman and understands that such fireworks of feelings can not be constant - both of them allow them to cool down, and then throw up the firewood, and the fire burns again.

Reviving feelings is really difficult, but possible! The main thing is not to miss the moment, so that the light does not fade completely

There are plenty of options for reanimation of relationships: joint trips, romantic dinners and dates, like in the first days of dating, short-term separation, studying the Kama Sutra together, visiting the sex shop, finally, or just heart-to-heart talk.

And another piece of advice from my granny, which I never forget: "Always remember, if you stop looking at him with an enthusiastic look, he will find this enthusiastic look on the side." Happiness must be built with your own hands!

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