How to repair a one-room apartment: options for increasing space

Creating a comfortable and at the same time fashionable interior in a small area is a very difficult task. The wave is doable, of course, but one cannot do without redevelopment. The best variant of redevelopment is the dismantling of all partitions, except, of course, the bathroom. In the apartment, you need to remove all the partitions and thus make a whole unified space, where concurrently there will be a living room, and a nursery, and a bedroom, and a kitchen. The same principles can be applied and in large areas: when repairing a two-room apartment and when repairing a three-room apartment.

If the variant of redevelopment is not considered for any reason, then you can increase the space simply visually, using the available assortment of facing materials and the play of light.Here the glossy ceiling with a large number of lamps is perfect, it will make the room visually larger. Another option: gypsum two-level ceiling with neon lighting around the perimeter of the recess. In terms of wall decoration, you should use light colors with soft lines and transitions. More information on the link

Split one-room apartment into zones. Without fail, regardless of the availability of the alterations, the whole area should be divided into private and common areas. This division will help to feel in the apartment more convenient and comfortable. Zoning is distinguished by contrasting colors and different wall covering materials. It is also possible to build sliding partitions for a clearer separation. Furniture should be grouped into blocks defining a recreation and leisure area, a children's area, etc.

Kitchen, bathroom, and hall

Although in modern trends of architecture and design it is customary to combine the bathroom and toilet, there are some peculiarities that are important to consider. First, such redevelopment will cost the owner a pretty penny. On the other hand, there will be more space, for example for a washing machine,which until then could not intervene in a narrow passage, and secondly, when one family member takes a bath, another will certainly want to go to the toilet. So it is better to weigh the pros and cons, making the decision to connect the bath and toilet .. The most interesting is the link

In a one-room apartment the hall has a large functional load, here the hosts receive guests, sleep, and right there is a study. That is why you need to carefully plan everything. First of all, it is necessary to plan two main sectors: for rest and for work. A dark corner will be more suitable for rest, and it is better to place the working part of the room by the window. The main rule: do not overwhelm the space with unnecessary pieces of furniture and trash. Niches with shelves, a folding bed and a folding table - the perfect solution. The combined kitchen and hall should not in any way be discordant. It is desirable that they were a smooth continuation of each other.

Children's corner and hallway

Although it may be a very small corner, it also needs to be equipped. Mirrors and pastel colors will make it visually more spacious and wider.Elegant ceiling with LED lights will set up the hosts and guests in a pacifying mood and create a pleasant atmosphere and the most important thing at the link

If there are children in the family, then they need to arrange and separate a corner where they will feel like masters. It can be a small stool and a table for different activities of the baby, as well as a regular rack for children's toys. Conclusion: the main rules for the restructuring of a one-room apartment: divide the space into zones, not clutter it and be consistent in the style of decoration.

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