How to process onions from worms in a bulb

To prevent the multiplication of worms, it is necessary to create unfavorable conditions for them. As you know, the larvae feels good in wet and warm soil, therefore, you need to do everything possible to make the ground surface of the bed to be drier. To do this, it is enough to water the onions less, and after each watering and rain, loosen the earth, sprinkle it with ashes on top. Compliance with these rules helps to get rid of most of the pests.

Do not like worms and salt water. If there are worms in the bulbs, they can be etched with saline. It is necessary to dissolve a glass of salt in a bucket of water and pour onions under the root. It is not worth making a lot of solution, 200 grams under the onion - the maximum amount. Couples watering at intervals of two or three days is enough for the pests to disappear.

Helps to get rid of worms in onions and a solution based on ammonia. A tablespoon of ammonia per 10 liters of water allows for optimum concentration of the composition for watering plants.This solution should be used carefully, in no case should it be allowed to fall on the culture feathers.

If there are no worms in the onion, but you want to protect the plants from the invasion of these pests, then you can use the help of the drug Pochin. Having sprinkled with powder on the beds after planting the onion, you will protect the plants from the larvae of the onion fly and many other soil-consuming insects. The only minus of the drug is that onions cannot be eaten after such treatment in the next 20-25 days.

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