How to make beautiful legs, emphasize

How to make beautiful legs, emphasizeHow to make beautiful legs, emphasize



Beautiful legs for a woman are very important. But rarely a young lady thinks about the fact that the perfect legs can be spoiled by putting on them something that does not suit them, presses, and then you need to quickly remove the fatigue of your legs.


If you are in a coat - gloves, tights, stockings are simply necessary. Walking in sandals and stockings is ridiculous.


Thick stockings do not fit elegant shoes with high heels - the foot "presses" on the shoes forward and down, and the stockings "frown", gather in thick folds. Thin stockings are not worn with sports shoes - in shoes with heels, the load on the heel is less, and in sports it is very large, and the heels are wiped very quickly.


Pantyhose, stockings, incorrectly matched in color, can ruin beautiful clothes. Girls with full legs are better off wearing dark stockings, with a seam, shoes with a small or high heel. Thin legs will look good in stockings of light colors, in shoes made of thick materials with complex trim.Shoes must be clean and tidy. In order for heels not to stray before times, beat them with shoemaking in a shoe shop. Coming home from work or walking, clean your shoes of dirt and dust, using numerous shoe care products. It is advisable to have several pairs of shoes for different occasions.

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