How to install a windowsill

Window sills are currently made from a variety of materials: wood (the classic version), concrete, plastic, or even marble. The window sill is mounted indoors at the bottom of the window opening. At the very bottom of the window sill, there is usually a so-called “dripstone”, which plays the role of a drainage system and is a shallow gutter that is located no more than 5 cm from the edge of the sill.
The finished sill is installed only after the lower plugs are made, but there are exceptions. The wooden window sill is insulated from below with insulation, the role of which is usually felt, fixed by the wedge.
The bottom of the side slope solution must be cut down to the wall. Then the wall is cleared of debris, dust and dirt. After that, the window sill is placed in such a way that the board is horizontal, and transversely has a slight inclination approximately 3 ° inward from the window box.Wedges, which set the window sill, for the wall should not be issued. They need to be fixed immediately with the help of gypsum. Otherwise, the wedges during the installation of the sill will "play".
Next, the window sill is removed, the wall is wetted with water and lime-gypsum mortar is applied. His level should be 15 mm above the wedges. Then the window sill is installed on the solution and pressed into the wedges until it stops and with an effort.
At the same time, excess solution is squeezed out, which is immediately leveled with the wall plaster flush and rubbed.
If we consider the installation of window sills from such materials as concrete, simple and covered with mosaic or marble, the process takes place in the same way. There is only one difference, which consists in wrapping the ends of concrete and marble window sills with felt.

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