How to insert a link in the text?

The use of links is one of the basic principles of the Internet environment. Thanks to them, you can use one click to go to the desired page or site, open or download a document, and also find the necessary text fragment on the page. In order to insert a link into the text, you need to use special tags designed for the HTML web language. They are placed in a text editor on the site in the form of HTML-code, and after saving on the page with the material are displayed as underlines under certain phrases or words. It is worth noting that you can make a link "Vkontakte", for example, to your group or page.

How to make a link in the text to the site or a specific page?

Links that redirect users from the site that hosts the text to other sites are called external. They can be used to give the visitor the opportunity to get the most useful information or advertise a certain product / service.

In order to insert a link to the site in the text of the article, you must:

  • Use the tag: <a href = "http: // website_address /"> The word to be highlighted in the text </ a>;
  • Place it in a text editor used to post material on the site;
  • To insert a tag, the editor must be switched to the “HTML” mode, if such an opportunity is provided.

Features of using HTML tags and links:

  • A tag is a text string consisting of <a> </ a> characters;
  • In order for it to perform any functions, additional parameters and attributes are placed in it, such as the address of the required site (written as href = "http: // site_address /" after the letter "a" in the first triangular brackets) or style display links;
  • Between the triangular brackets> <the text is written, which is displayed on the site, while all the parameters and the tag itself will be completely hidden from the visitor (this way you can make the word a link);
  • When inserting links to pages that are located on the same site as the text you are posting, you can use an abbreviated address, for example, href = "/ page_site.html".

The use of additional attributes in the tag allows you to display images, perform transitions to predetermined places in the text, display various prompts and manage the process of opening a new page.

Additional attributes for links:

  • The “target” attribute is used to determine how to open a page when following a link. There are three main parameters: _blank - opens the page in a new window, _parent - opens a link in the same window, but in a new tab, _self - opens a link in the same tab as the current page. It is recorded as follows: <a href = "http: // website_address /" target = "_ blank"> Link to the site </ a>.
  • The attribute “title” is intended to display a tooltip that appears on the screen when you hover the cursor over the link text. It allows you to additionally describe what happens during the transition or for whom this link is intended. The tag with the attribute looks like this: <a href="http://address_sayta/" title="Go to the site"> Link to the site </ a>.

How to insert a link in the text of "Vkontakte"?

To insert a link into the text of a message in a given social network, just copy it from the browser and paste it in the right place by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the Paste menu item.

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