How to improve the image?

Victor Gevorkyan
Victor Gevorkyan
January 21, 2013
How to improve the image?

Image quality is never perfect. In this article you will find some useful tips on how to improve the quality of the image in Photoshop. After all, not everyone has a 1.500-dollar digital camera that takes flawless pictures. Even expensive cameras sometimes do not provide the desired quality. But, seeing the poor quality of the picture, do not rush to put an end to it. It is likely that it is possible to improve the image quality and learn how to improve the image.

In Photoshop, image quality improvement is done in seconds. For this, the program has a line of "auto" fixes. If you select this command, the program will automatically calculate the flaws of the snapshot and, if possible, correct them. To get an answer to the question of how to improve the image in Photoshop, you need to do only one click.

If you prefer independent and step-by-step photo correction, then consider a few important points.

  • Auto Contrast. One of the most significant drawbacks of a photograph may be its incorrect contrast.To correct the contrast, simply click Image> Adjustments> Auto Contrast. The program will automatically correct the contrast of the image.
  • Auto levels. The number of levels of certain colors in the image must be correct. To apply automatic leveling, select Image> Adjustments> Levels Auto.
  • Auto color correction. Again you need to select Image> Auto Color> Correction.

The next item, we learn how, using Photoshop, improve image quality, select the correctors Blur / Sharpen. Your images may be too blurry or too sharp. However, this problem can be easily solved:

  • Gaussian Blur. If your image is too sharp, all you need to do is blur it a little. This will make the photo more personal. To apply Gaussian Blur, go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. This tool may seem a bit complicated: when you click on the last column, a separate menu will appear. You will need to choose the radius of the pixels that you want to blur. Start with 0.5, and then increase the radius.
  • Unsharp Mask. Contour sharpness provides the opposite effect of Gaussian Blur. This tool sharpens images that are too blurred.Using contour sharpness is a bit more complicated than Gaussian Blur, but still simple. Go to Filter> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask. Again, a window will appear in the window, allowing you to select various settings. Start with Amount: 75%, Radius: 0.5, Threshold: 0 and continue if the image is still blurred.

Here are the most important steps to improve image quality with Photoshop!

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