How to improve health

It is in findingcauses of illnessand the whole secret lies: if you do not know why you are ill, then it is more difficult to recover. And if you know the reason - then you can try to eliminate it, then the state will return to normal.

Meanwhile, the science of psychosomatics, which helps to find the cause of any disease or a whole bunch of them, as well as get rid of any ailment, has been developing for many decades. Many people have already taken advantage of the achievements of psychosomatics and are cured, there are numerous cases of removing the most difficult diagnoses, deregistration on disability.

How does this happen? If we take into account that "all diseases are from nerves," then the reason must be sought in these very "nerves", that is, in stress, if we speak with modern definitions. What makes a person stressful? From his reaction to the world.

Here it is hiddenthe root of the disease, the essence.A person thinks that he is stressed because some unfavorable situations happen to him. Someone offended, they did not give the prize at work, and even loaded it, they pushed me into the bus, pushed it in the subway, cheated it in the store, wrote a child for the control one, and so on.How can you not stress?

However, it is known that different people react to the same situations differently. Some are upset, while others remain calm. Some are ready to take revenge on the offender, others try to stand in his place and look at the situation with his eyes. That is the casein a relationshipman to the trials that life sends him.

So it turns out - what is the relationship, such and health. And to become more healthy, you need to change the attitude to everything: to people, to situations, to problems. Change from negative, aggressive and protective to more objective and more relaxed.

We can advise one way, which is called "non-identification": as soon as some unpleasant situation occurs, try to look at it not with your own eyes, but as if from the outside. As if this situation happened to another. And think about what advice you can give this person to solve a problem.

And by and large, of course, you need to carefully follow your reactions to problems and give a clear definition to those feelings that you have as a reaction to them. As a rule, a person has:

- offense;

- irritation;

- aggression;

- envy;

- desire for revenge


All this negative leads to stress, as a result, to a spasm of smooth musculature, then to the infringement of nerve endings and to inflammatory processes in various organs. Of course, this is a very primitive scheme, but with its help one can understand how a person hurts himself with a negative reaction to life. Therefore, it is time to change the stereotypical attitude to the surrounding “offended-offended” type on another - more calm and objective, and then health will gradually improve.

Probably, it is interesting to find out right now why this or that disease occurs? Existtable of Louise Haywhere the dependence of the disease on character traits is described. According to this table, you can diagnose yourself and all your relatives. And you will see that everything is absolutely certain - the diseases will correspond to the character traits. And then it will be necessary to work on these features.

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