How to help the birds in the winter?

How strange everything is in nature. Thousands of kilometers of birds fly to warm lands for the winter. Rather, flew away. More and more birds that settle in human settlements around a person stay with us for the winter. Of course, they do not scream like domestic cats, that they want to eat, that they are cold, but this doesn�t make them any warmer and warmer, and they really need our help. Therefore, we must not only know how to help the birds in the winter, but also do it regularly.

Making trough

The first thing we can do for the birds is to hang out as many feeders as possible. You can make them not only from plywood in the form of a house, but also from scrap materials. It is best to make such feeders with children. This occupation will teach them to work with various materials, and instill a sense of care about our smaller brothers. So from all sides in the manufacture of feeders some advantages! The simplest trough can be made from a package of tetra pak from kefir. Wash it so that no decaying residues remain. Then you need to take a bright marker and draw windows for birds on each of the four sides.The window is a rectangle, the bottom side of which is 3 cm from the bottom of the bag. Draw the sides, retreating from the side folds by 1.5 cm. The top of the window should be drawn 3 cm from the top edge. Now make such drawings on all four sides, take a clerical knife and cut them. That's it, the feeder is ready! Now attach a piece of wire to the plastic neck, roll it tightly so that no wind can blow it off. The edges of the wire should be fixed on a strong branch of a tree, on the balcony. At the bottom of the feeder it is necessary to pour grain, bread crumbs, seeds. The same feeders can be made from the box, from a plastic bottle.

How to feed birds without trough

If you do not know how to feed the birds in the winter, because there is no way to make a feeder, then study the options for feeding and without it. It is quite real, the main thing is to have a desire to help feathered. If a flock of tits flies around your house, then there is the idea of feeding them, based on the properties of their physiology. Sparrows can peck food only sitting on a hard surface. But tits can do it in flight, in the air, so to speak. Buy a piece of cheap fat on the market, pierce it through the wire, stretch it and attach it to your balcony. Let the wind sway it, tits can still eat.You will see how they will fly on the fat with the whole flock and literally in a week will eat a half-kilogram piece. After this, the birds will always fly to your balcony, because it immediately remembers the hospitable place. So get ready in the spring to thoroughly wash your balcony. But all this is minor compared to the happiness that your whole family will experience when looking at the daily dinners of cheerful birds!

What to feed

A completely natural question is when you decide how to feed the birds in winter - and what do birds eat? More precisely, they do not eat, but they peck. All bread derivatives fit perfectly! These are crumbs, small dry pieces, leftovers. Also, birds love grain - wheat, oats, barley. Moreover, if there is an opportunity to buy whole grains, then it will be better than grains, that is, refined and polished grains. It is better not to give waste from the table to feathery. Birds of sunflower seeds are very fond of, but do not fry them, pour them raw. The fact that tits love fat, we have already said. By the way, the rest of the birds also enjoy it, if it is not suspended, but lies on a flat surface.

The good news is that in major cities in recent times, every winter and spring, bird feeding events are organized.On the streets, people are given bags of grain, which city dwellers pour directly on the snow near their entrances. This is also a good way to help the birds if there is no trough.

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