How to find the registry of Windows XP

To start the registry editor, open the Start menu and invoke the Run command. In the "Open" field, enter no regedit or regedit.exe without spaces, quotes, or other extra characters, and click OK in the window or press Enter on the keyboard. A new window will open in which you can view the data contained in the Windows registry.
The registry can not only be viewed, but also modified, although users without special knowledge are not recommended to do this. Errors when editing the registry can seriously damage the operating system. If you are still going to make changes to the registry, back up all the data contained on the computer.
There are a number of special commands for adding, changing and displaying information on registry keys. For example, the reg add command adds a new entry or new registry key, the reg compare command compares specified registry keys or entries, the reg copy command copies the registry entry to the specified directory of a local or remote computer.
The registry itself has a tree structure. The standard sections (folders) are displayed in the left part of the registry editor, the user can see the parameters set for a specific component of the system (profile or equipment) on the right side. All data in the registry is sorted.
The HKEY_CURRENT_USER section contains information about the settings of the user who is currently logged on to the system: settings of the control panel, user folders, and screen colors. All this data together is called a user profile. Information about all user profiles of a computer is stored in the HKEY_USERS section. The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section is responsible for the settings related to this computer, and so on.
If you have damaged the system, making incorrect changes to the Windows registry, you can try to fix it. During a new boot, press the F8 key and start the system with the last known good configuration by selecting the appropriate command from the list for this. This method is not universal - it all depends on what changes were made to the registry. Sometimes only a complete reinstallation of the operating system can help.

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