How to emphasize the shape of the eye with makeup

How with the help of cosmetics to emphasize the eyes of the almond shape

The ideal form of the eye is considered almond-shaped. It is characteristic of the European race. This does not mean that the other form is worse, just the overwhelming number of cosmetic overlay schemes are designed for this type, as it is considered to be classic.
In order to emphasize the almond-shaped eyes, it is necessary to draw the upper eyelid with a cosmetic pencil or eyeliner. Their color should be selected in accordance with their own color type. It should be noted that the black eyeliner visually reduces the eyes. In addition, it is more suitable for evening makeup, rather than for day.
It is necessary to sum up the eyelid from its middle. The line should be drawn towards the outer corner of the eye. However, it should gradually expand and go up. Do not draw on the eyelids too raised arrows. It looks pretty unnatural.
To bring the lower eyelid with a dark pencil can only owners of very large eyes, since such a method in the makeup visually reduces them.
You can add depth and expressiveness to your eyes with the help of eye shadow. The classical scheme of applying makeup involves the use of light shades of shadows on the entire eyelid. Cosmetics dark shades can emphasize the outer corners of the eyes. In this case, the boundaries of the application of shadows should be carefully shaded.

How to adjust the shape of the eye with cosmetics

Women whose eye shape is close to a round shape can slightly correct it with the help of cosmetics. They should definitely use a pencil or eyeliner of a dark shade to highlight the upper and lower eyelids. In this case, the line should extend from the mid-century to the outer corners of the eyes. With the help of neat arrows, you can visually bring their shape to the almond-shaped. At the same time on the eyelids, it is desirable to apply dark shadows, and lengthening mascara to apply only on the upper eyelashes.
In order to slightly correct the Mongoloid cut of the eyes, you should avoid using a dark pencil or eyeliner.On the upper eyelids, you need to put flickering light shadows, and the corners of the eyes can be distinguished by cosmetics of dark shades. Applying a curl to the upper lashes helps to emphasize the charm of narrow eyes. This technique allows you to visually open the eyes, make it more open.

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