How to effectively prepare for childbirth

To date, there are schemes developed and successfully applied in practice, according to which a woman can prepare for childbirth. They include special gymnastics classes, classes for childbirth, they help to distribute the load on the future mother and make a certain mode of life. If you are pregnant, it does not mean that life has stopped, it means that it can slightly change its usual movement.
The first assistant for the future mom, her future dad. They must prepare for childbirth together and go through the months of pregnancy. Preparatory courses today have a mandatory and supplementary plan. Mandatory courses of generic letters allow you to familiarize yourself with the basic provisions, rules, they must fill in the blanks. Not compulsory courses allow you to live with the thought of pregnancy, they provide training in proper breathing, correct behavior during childbirth. If we talk about Mother Nature, she was so wise that she created the female body already trained in all the techniques necessary for childbirth.However, for our calm, normal emotional state and self-confidence, we are trying to prepare and learn as much as possible.
The future mother can do special gymnastics, take special kinds of relaxing massage. It is extremely important to move and eat right. These are the main components of your baby's health. A great place to practice will be the pool. The load in the pool is moderate and moderate, which is very difficult to achieve on land. If your birth is restless and you don’t dare to think about the gym or pool, set yourself up daily walks. Your walks should be long and slow. You can rest and stop for snacks, as long as you like.

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