How to draw princess celestia?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
October 1, 2014
How to draw princess celestia?

Princess Celestia is the ruler of the pony country. The princess has a mark on the hips - the golden sun. This mark reveals its ability to control the movement of the sun. Celestia belongs to a special pony race, she has a horn like a unicorn, and wings like a pegasus. And today we will learn how to draw the princess Celestia.

Draw Princess Celestia


  • Pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Paper.


  1. First of all, draw a circle - it will be a head. Next, apply a straight line.Celestialine, it will determine the location of the eyes.
  2. Now make out the forehead and draw a big horn on it. The horn should be as long as two heads, and pointed at the end.
  3. Then we draw an oval - this is the eye of the princess. Next, the oval of the eye should be sharpened on both sides, and then draw a large pupil. Draw cilia. And the eye is ready.
  4. Then go to the face. It should protrude a little beyond the circle of the head, and be slightly turned up.
  5. Next, draw the ear - it is a semi-triangle, rather long.
  6. Now we will draw a neck.We draw a straight line from the middle of the circle down, and a straight line down from the ear. It turns out the neck.
  7. Go to the mane. Princess Celestia has a very lush and long mane. Therefore, we draw large curls around the pony's head, and then draw wavy lines directed forward to the pony's face and behind it. We make a beautiful mane that develops in the wind.
  8. Now we will draw the crown. It is located on the head between the ear and the horn. The crown consists of a large tooth and two small ones.


  1. We draw a body - these are two circles. One larger circle is under the neck, and the second smaller circle is a little further.
  2. Next, you need to connect the neck lines with a large circle. And then connect the lines of a small circle with a large one. Then erase the extra lines and arrange the real body.
  3. Then draw the columns of the legs. First, the front legs, then the rear. Legs should be slightly extended to the bottom. Bottom of legs we make out patterns in the form of large pointed curls.
  4. We draw a tail, draw wavy lines and draw up a tail. Princess Celestia has a long, lush tail.
  5. Next we will draw the wing. To do this, draw an oval on the side, and inside - a wavy line of the wing.
  6. Now we draw a necklace around the neck - a wide ribbon and a diamond-shaped stone.
  7. On the hip we draw the sun with wavy rays.

So we learned how to draw a pony princess Celestia.

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