How to deal with beetles in the apartment?

With the onset of warm days in the home dwelling various insects appear, including small bugs. Where do they appear in the apartment, and how to get rid of their invasion?

Insect penetration methods

Just say how the beetles entered the apartment, and the reasons for its occupation is impossible. However, identifying potential penetration sites is not difficult. These include:

  1. Open windows and doors, or not tightly closed. If they do not have a grid, then the unobstructed penetration of insects into the apartment is guaranteed.
  2. The presence of even minor cracks in the window structures and risers with pipes. Small individuals easily seep into microscopic holes from everywhere.
  3. Migration from the basement, attic, from the neighbors. Through holes in the walls, ventilation and other communications, insects crawl from one room to another.
  4. Accidental entry on clothes, hair or objects from the outside. After the people visit the parks, the beetles get entangled in their hair, or are brought into the housing along with the acquired furniture.

Whatever the causes of the appearance of insects, disposal of them should be made immediately, until the population has reached a huge size, and its destruction does not require large time and material costs.

The damage caused by insects

Any insects in the apartment are not desirable. They can cause trouble to the owners of housing, damaging furniture and food, transferring harmful bacteria and infections. The most common inhabitants of the apartments are kozheedy. These are small individuals of brown color, preferring light and dry dwellings, where they hide in window-sills and baseboards, bookshelves and other places.

What harm from kozheedov?

  1. Fur beetles harm fur products, gnawing through them holes and extensive gaps. In the cabinets on clothes and shoes, they create egg clutches, from which brown larvae hatch, destroying any fabrics.
  2. Food beetles spoil bulk products. They infect the interior of kitchen cabinets with their masonry, rapidly increasing the population. Groats, flour and sugar after the appearance of insects are not suitable for food.
  3. Brown leather kozheedy spoil pieces of furniture, carpeting, wooden interior details, forever destroying their appearance.Moreover, the external and internal parts of the furniture become useless.

Together with kozheedi, beetles with a size larger can penetrate into the home. These are cockroaches - black individuals, up to three centimeters in length, having a dense peel that makes a crackling sound when crushed. Displays cockroaches urgently, resorting to any available methods. The best option for extermination is professional disinfection carried out by special services, since self-disposal of insects does not lead to an excellent result. And they carry a lot of viruses, adapting to many insecticides.

In the high-rise buildings there are brittle meal - small black insects. They nest in kitchen units, eating cereals and dry herbs. When a pair of individuals is found, it is necessary to inspect the kitchen, removing the spoiled food, otherwise they will instantly breed, reaching even hermetically packed food.

Ways to get rid of

In order to proceed to effective measures, it is necessary to determine the type of insects living in the apartment, and to acquire effective insecticidal agents. Or get acquainted with successful techniques, including folk methods.

  1. Khozheedov, along with imago, egg clutches and caterpillars, can be removed by cold. Low temperatures are harmful to an insect at any stage of its development. In winter it is recommended to ventilate the rooms regularly.
  2. As a preventive measure and when re-processing it is worth using insecticides in aerosols. Holding such events three times a week throughout the crescent will help to solve the problem.
  3. Things made of wool and other fabrics can protect the solution of "permethrin". It will not harm their structure and color, reliably scaring off both beetles and moths.
  4. Powdered boric acid, scattered in problem areas, will eliminate all insects in the house, including bugs.
  5. If you clean the apartment with vinegar or disinfectants, the larvae and eggs will be completely destroyed.
  6. "Dichlorvos" is a means known to all consumers. This is the easiest way to handle the apartment. The main thing is precautions and packaging of products.
  7. Preparations with lavender (including tablets, tampons with lavender oil) will allow you to remove bugs and flavor the apartment.

If these measures do not bring a positive result in the fight against beetles, then the specialists are always ready to help by performing disinfection promptly and effectively.

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