How to cope with sadness and loneliness

Change your attitude to your life. Loneliness leaves a lot of time for yourself, which can be spent with great benefit. For example, go in for sports - it will help to make a figure accurate and beautiful, which will surely lift your spirits. In addition, smart people always attract the attention of the opposite sex.
Sign up for some courses, having mastered the lesson you have always dreamed of. So, you can learn to photograph, shoot and edit video, drive a car and even a helicopter. In this world everything is possible, the main thing is desire. New skills will make you more confident in yourself, will give a lot of positive emotions, acquaintance and communication with interesting people.
Call an old friend with whom you for some reason stopped communicating. Over time, all the insults and disagreements are forgotten. Call them to your place or invite them to go somewhere together. Surely many of them will be happy to meet with you again.
Take a trip. Especially exciting to visit another country. During the trip, you can make new friends and acquaintances, get into real adventures and see a lot of interesting and unforgettable things. Even if no one wants to keep you company, do not deny yourself a trip. You really won't be bored there.
Change your job if it makes you despondent. Remember that everything in your life should bring you joy and promote development. Perhaps in another place you will make a more successful career. It’s also a great way to change your social circle.
Get a cat or a dog. Four-legged friends will give new emotions and will require your attention.
Give yourself a little joy every day - read your favorite books, listen to loud music and go to the cafe to eat a delicious cake. It is also very useful to update the wardrobe by purchasing a couple of fashionable and beautiful things, or to make a new haircut.

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